Muslim youth lynched to death, five others injured by cow vigilantes in Mathura


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: A group of cow vigilantes lynched a Muslim man to death and injured five others in Uttar Pradesh’s Mathura district on Wednesday night.


The deceased have been identified as Shera Khan. Other victims are Anees, Rehman, Shahzad and Kadim according to a news report by The Hindustan Gazette. One name is missing in the report.

The vigilantes attacked them alleging that they were smuggling cows from Kosi Kalan village in Mathura and were on their way to Mewat.

According to a video by Abstar news, Chandrashekhar baba, a priest from Barsana Ashram, confess he was at the spot where the brutal lynching took place, confronting the Muslim youths.

“I got a call at 3:30 in the morning that a group of men were smuggling cows. I and another man left on a motorcycle to the location.”

The five survivors of the attack were admitted to the district hospital for treatment.

The police said half a dozen cattle were recovered from the spot and vehicles have been seized.

The local police are apparently siding with the assailants as they have taken no action against them and have been telling a version, in which Khan and his companions first opened fire at the villagers. Khan was killed in retaliation. However, they are not able to tell how many of the villagers were injured due to the alleged firing by Khan and his companions.

In a video tweeted by Mathura Police, local SP Shirish Chand said that action would be taken in connection with cow smuggling.

He was further quoted by Hindustan Times as saying that the five companions of the deceased are in police custody and that they have been currently referred to the district hospital for treatment.

He further alleged that they opened fire at the villagers. In retaliation, villagers fired at them and allegedly killed Shera Khan.

However, he has failed to tell how many of the villagers were injured due to the alleged firing by Khan and his companions. 


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  2. There is no point in reasoning with murderous savages. Death to Hindu extremists and terrorists. Muslims need to defend themselves from these animals.

    • Shut up Hindu terrorist dog…you Hindus always want to deflect from your daily crimes. No body cared about dead RSS Hindu terrorists. More Hindu terrorists need to be taught the same lesson.

  3. The government is responsible for all those cow related crimes and creating hatred among citizens.
    Its the governments failure for not streamlining the law clearly. The law should have been clear and followed strictly that any one found smuggling or consuming cow meat will be hanged to death if proved guilty and any cow vigilants taking the law in their hands will also be severely punished by 10 years jail terms. If the law is followed strictly in this way then everything is settled lawfully for both the parties.


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