Muslims should be thrown out of India: BJP leader Suraj Pal Amu

Surajpal Singh Ammu

By Special Correspondent

New Delhi: BJP spokesperson and Karni Sena chief Suraj Pal Amu has once again given a provocative speech against the Muslims in India.


On Sunday, the BJP leader while addressing the mahapanchayat held in Gurugram said that ‘if they know how to cut their beards, we know how to cut their throats’.

The Hindu Mahapanchayat was organised in Haryana’s Patudi town against the alleged ‘love jihad’ (inter-religious marriage) and and population control.

Addressing the mahapanchayat, Amu said: “If India is our mother, then we are the father of Pakistan, and we will not give houses here on rent to them. Remove them from this country, pass this proposal.


Amu praised the villagers of Bohra Kalan who did not allow a mosque to be built in their village. He appealed to the crowd and said, ‘Uproot the foundation of works of buildings like these and throw them away’.

Amu also urged the residents of Pataudi not to allow members of the minority community to settle in the area.

“During 1947, the country was divided, we saw the bodies of 10 lakh people. There is no tally of those bodies till today. And we are giving them houses and shops. It has been found in Pataudi that their parks are being built. Uproot the stone of the park. Which one of the youngsters are ready to uproot the stone?” the BJP leader said, as per an Indian Express report.

A senior BJP leader from Haryana, however, said that “these were his (Amu’s) personal comments; the party has nothing to do with it.”

Defending the controversial statement of Karni Sena chief Amu, an organizer namely Sudhir Moudgil said that Amu was a guest at the meeting and everything he said was his personal statement and no resolution suggested by him was passed in the mahapanchayat.
In the Mahapanchayat, the 17-year-old who opened fire on anti-CAA protesters near Jamia Millia Islamia last year encouraged the crowd to kidnap Muslim women and “warned” those with a “terrorist mindset” that if he can “go to Jamia in support of CAA,” “Pataudi is not very far.”

In the purported video that’s been shared online, he can be heard saying that when Muslims are attacked, they will shout ‘Ram Ram’.

He also called on people to abduct Muslim women if Hindu women are “taken away”, in the Mahapanchayat.

“I want to issue this warning from Pataudi to… Jihadis, individuals with a terrorist attitude; if (I) can walk 100 kilometres to assist CAA in Jamia, then Pataudi isn’t that far),” he says before concluding his speech with the chant “Jai Sri Ram.”

DCP Manesar Varun Singh has said that the police have neither received any such video nor received any official complaint so far.

If a complaint is received, the police will analyze the video and action will be taken, he said.


  1. The only way to save India is by exterminating Hindu terrorists and extremists. Also all Hindus in Muslim countries need to be kicked out, permanent ghar wapsi back to their Hindu rashtra shit hole. No need for haram khor Hindus to living off us.

      • OpIndia aka Hindu fake news,

        You’re the one who needs to chill out, after washing you behind, sanghi bhangi. I’ll think about it after Hindus evolce into human beings and give up extremism and terrorism. I wont be holding my breath though.

  2. Another day, another filthy Hindu extremist or terrorist from some generic goo sena spewing hate out of his maggot filled ass. Nothing a miya encounter can’t fix

  3. Suraj pal ammu.
    I am extremely disappointed to learn u are a Hindu.
    U lack moral character and decency must have little shame before abusing a community .
    INDIA is not your father land. Understand. We belong to this soil our forefathers are burried here. We love our mother land. I am a pattan Rajput loyalty is in my blood I will not stupid like u wag their tounge like dogs.
    Wake up don’t pollute this beautiful nation Hindu Muslim Christan Sikhs Harijans Buddhist Brahmins parsees Jews brotherhood strengthen ages old. They have strong values and beliefs in life and they cannot be taken for granted by communal minded elements like you.
    You are also damaging the name of BJP and indirectly damaging the credibility of Modi bahi.
    Stop hate spread love pray for shanti. We are custodians of this nation today after us some one will take over so leave a remarkable account so the comming generations will remember us as humans


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