No information on attacks on specific minority communities, says minority affairs minister

Mob lynching of Muslims by Hindutva militants

By Special Correspondent

New Delhi: Taking an alibi that law and order is a state subject, Union Minority Affairs Smriti Irani on Thursday told the Parliament that the government has no precise data on attacks against any particular community as it is not stored centrally.


In response to a question from Rajya Sabha member Abdul Wahab about attacks on minorities, the minister stated that  the respective State Governments are responsible for maintaining law and order, recording, and prosecuting offences against all citizens, especially minorities.

In a written question Wahab, a member of the Indian Union Muslim League, had inquired as to whether there had been an increase in attacks on minority communities and, if so, what steps the government had taken to secure their protection. The Keralan MP had also asked as to whether the government had information on attacks on institutions run by minorities, and if so, what specifics were known.

The written answer from Smriti Irani, who holds additional charge of the Minority Affairs portfolio, read: “Public Order and ‘Police’ are State subjects as per the Seventh Schedule of the Constitution of India. The responsibility of maintaining law and order, registration and prosecution of crimes against all citizens including minorities, rests with the respective State Governments. As such, specific data regarding attacks against individual communities is not maintained centrally.”

She added that the Indian government keeps an eye on the nation’s internal security and law and order situation and issues the necessary advisories “to ensure peace, public tranquillity, and communal harmony.”

“Central Armed Police Forces (CAPF) are deployed to aid and assist State Governments, on their request, to maintain law and order and public tranquility,” she said who just took charge of the minority ministry after Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi resigned after the ruling BJP denied him reelection to the Rajya Sabha.

“The Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India has issued Communal Harmony Guidelines, which, inter-alia, lay down standard operating procedures to deal with situations arising out of any violence. These guidelines are aimed to maintain due vigilance, careful planning and preparatory measures to prevent and pre-empt communal violence,” read the answer.


  1. The role of a minister for Minorities Affairs appears to be restricted to be as a power broker, and thats all. He or she has no interest in their welfare hence no data is gathered these. The respective agencies are responsible for issuing prompt denials about adverse reports coming in the media now and then despite ‘best’ efforts by some media men to block. And, news of atrocities by some of the ruling party supporters are for meant to be overlooked۔ Afterall these are to be treated as aberrations. . .
    Best of luck.

  2. Let her collect data from each state and colate it. Why become minister ? Only to get free electricity, free accomodation, free water, ₹ 2 lakh per month pension till lifetime ??

  3. Perhaps if Hindu minorities were treated in a similar way in Muslim countries…it might make the sleeping fat cow of a minister notice. Everytime a Muslim is murdered by Hindu terrorists…10 Hindu terrorists should be eliminated, and a 100 Hindus expelled from Muslim countries.

  4. This is good. Anyways, muslims are committing genocide against non-muslims all over the world. Muslims don’t let non-muslims freely practice their religion openly. Sometimes it’s good to see when the roles are reversed, no? When the evil muslims are having a taste of their own medicine. Because why is it always muslims on one side and the rest of the world on the other side? muslims vs. Christians/Hindus/Jews/Buddhists/Atheists… Maybe muslims are the problem after all. What do you think, MUSLIMmirror?

  5. We must admit that we muslims are very violent and barbaric. Unless we mend our ways we will be treated like shiz. We beg our honourable minority affairs minister to show mercy on us

  6. 20 crores in population and then be tagged as a minority- A great joke!
    Still enjoying billions of Minority Benefits, education scholarships and increasing the population to almost seventy per cent more than the national average- only the privilege of Muslims. It’s time that the luxuriant Minority commission and the Ministry be shut.
    Why should Indians pay taxes to support an unviable community? They have financed and funded the community for over seven decades. It’s time that real minority, farmers and wage earners, be recognised and helped than to concentrate a community that refuses to leap forward and is busy engineering riots while living in ghettos.
    Not a penny from my taxes. I have paid enough.


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