Persecution of Shia community and the  hypocrisy of Sunni world


By Syed Wasi Imam

Indian Muslims who shed crocodile tears for every big and small issues in the country have no tears left for the poor Hazaras and all the Shias of the world.


The community which finds themselves a target of Hindu extremists, and rue their status as a minority, have no words left for their minorities.

Islam do not teach terrorism, but unfortunately Muslim does

We is India are protected from these extremists in Wahabi, Nasabi and Extremists, by whatever name they come, by our Hindu and Sikh neighbours, who act as a buffer against these thugs. And you ask any big leader of any Muslim organization. Let alone tears, not a single word of condemnation from these big mouths.

While the proponent of Ram Rajya in India, are nearer to Ravan in character. These proponent of Nizam e Mustafa, are a progeny of Abu Sufyan and Abu Jahal. This reminds us of one couplet of Allama Jameel Mazhari who said,

kise ḳhabar thī ki le kar charāġh-e-mustafavī

jahāñ meñ aag lagātī phiregī bū-lahabī

The news of this terrorism, came through a friend, who wrote in his post, about the tragedy.

“More than 70 Shia teenage students, mostly girls have been killed today in a suicide terror attack at an educational center in Dasht-e-Barchi area of Afghanistan’s capital Kabul.

“All were Hazaras. The students were sitting for a practice university exam when the blast occurred. Videos of the attack are gory and cannot be shared.

“Hope these girls and their right to life matter for the liberal, left, centre to left and right-wing people as much as others. “Though I know these girls in veal(hijab) don’t even qualify to be mourned by them, the reason for which is not rocket science to find out”.

“The Shias are the most persecuted minority in the world, no community has borne the brunt of terrorism more than these Shias.”


  1. Please delete this article, it has no substantial evidence and lacks credibility. Shias should also first start respecting all the sahabas and give bayt on the khulafa , then they can talk further about peace.

    • One should be bold enough to come up with a name. If shia should except all that, then they will be another Sunni. And then they will be killed in the name of Brailvi, because they disagree with the Wahabis, and other extremist Sects.
      The question here is can a human being be killed just because they disagree with you, or you disagree with them. Is this Islam teaches?

      • Shut up the only extremist group is iran and twelver Shia terrorist group.your Iran is already sanctioned and has been blacklisted by Fatf in blacklist.Also you have shown the world that your allegiance is only towards terrorism.And also what’s wrong respecting sahabahs,or you are like Wasim rizvi.And bareilawi are mushriq.And tell me why you alongwith Iran killed Sunnis of Syria and have ample liberty to leave india.

  2. Muslims condemn ALL barbarism, within & without, that is the COMMON spirit of KARBALA, yet only the naive or nixed would pour petrol upon the corpse of Indian Muslims to what end GHAR WAPSI? A well-earned shekel Iscariot bhai.


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