Priyanka Gandhi! Be bold like your grandmother- Indira Gandhi

Priyanka Gandhi

S.M. Anwar Hussain

Yesterday, after reading the news that Congress has again decided to field Ajay Rai in Varanasi، I really got shuddered with anger and a sense of despondency took over me. I was so angry that I immediately shot a letter to a high profile friend in Congress expressing my protest over this decision.


After a long time I was watching Congress contesting a parliamentary election with a well organised approach and strategy. It appears that after a long time the Congress has good strategists and a publicity team who can coin attractive slogans , beautiful video slides and a good caricature of the present regime, which may prove very damaging to BJP ultimately. But it is also becoming clear that Congress still lacks confidence, courage and boldness that a political party needs to bring change or revolution in the political set up . Congress has a long list of leaders, but it doesn’t have one Chandrashekhar in its fold who can teach them how to be bold , confident, courageous and aggressive in politics, and be careless about defeat or victory in an electoral battle. The whole India wished and wanted Priyanka Gandhi to take on Modi in Varanasi by his horns. And recently Priyanka Gandhi had also shown her interest in contesting election from Varanasi.

Then what went wrong that the Congress party changed its decision and fielded the same horse in the race which had already been tested before. It seems Congress has lost confidence in its history -/ it’s role in the freedom movement , its role in the building of this nation, its unmatchable performance in making it self reliant in different fields.

Yes, through out the freedom struggle and post independence governance it either ignored the anti national activities of The Sangh, or some of its leaders continued to be hand in gloves with RSS, and framed rules and policies to put the educated Muslim Youths behind the bars for eternity without undergoing any judicial scrutiny, so that all the attention could be sided away from RSS and its terrorist cells which had established links with Indian Military intelligence . Karkare has found that deep and expanded network of RSS terror links, but alas he himself became the victim of the conspiracy hatched at RSS headquarter in Nagpur.

Why Congress is afraid. Why it is behaving so cowardly in spite of having Gandhi, Nehru, Patel And Maulana Azad in its kitty.It lost two Prime Minister one after another , and still today it is cornered by BJP and RSS. Mr Rahul strategies will not make you the Prime Minister. People in you want to see the guts of your grandmother Mrs Indra Gandhi. They want to see the courage and aggressiveness in you that of your father. The world knows that he was least interested in politics. He was a family man and he had seen from his own eyes how his mother was assassinated by her own bodyguards, but when the time came, he accepted the challenge, took the mantle in his hands of governing the nation in the most turbulent time.. and ultimately sacrificed his own life. He was honest, bold and progressive. He wanted to bring change, but being in novice to politics, and not mentally inclined to understand the zic zac of politics, and being unaware of presence of many RSS loyal Congressmen, he was backstabbed by his own nine jwelves—Arun Nehru was perhaps captaining them . He was forced in a battle in which India had no role actual to play.

Today too, there seems that Rahul is encircled by people who do not want see an emergent, resurgent, bold and aggressive Congress to come up . They don’t want another brave and bold lady in the family lineage of Nehru to come up and play a devastating role against those who are conspiring to push India in a quagmire of civil strife.

Priyanka ji, be brave and bold like your grandmother Indraji. Don’t be afraid of facing this cowered, criminal, cheater, a habitual liar , fascist and schemist Modi. Come forward. Challenge him in his own court. The whole India is with you. People are with you . Women, children, old, young , poor and all middle class are standing behind you. Take up the gauntlet and finish this Ravan of the time. The real India , the soul of India is looking towards you with high hopes. Even if you lose the electoral battle because of Modiji’s unannounced pact with EVM, you will be eyes and ears of masses and their hopes and aspirations of will be you. Modi will need brutal forces to rule the masses, you will remain their heart throb . Don’t forget your own legacy in the history of India . From Motilal Nehru, Jawaharlal Nehru, Mrs Indra Gandhi and Rajvir Gandhi- all your ancestors were the darling of the masses, and still remain in their hearts because of their contributions and sacrifices. Just have faith in yourself. India is with you.

Come forward. Slay this Monster in his own backyard and you will see in next two years the politics, the command and control of Uttar Pradesh will be presented to you in plate . Hope, you will not disappoint India— India of Ram, Krishna, Buddha, Chishti and Gurunanak— and of course the India of Gandhi, Nehru and Maulana Azad.


The author is ex- president of  AMUSU.


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