Protect your Muslim brothers: West Bengal CM Mamata appeal to Hindus as Hanuman Jayanti nears

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by Muslim Mirror News

West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has called “Hindu brothers” to defend minorities and has stated that another round of violence is planned in the state on Thursday when the nation celebrates Hanuman Jayanti.

She further stated that political workers carrying weapons and bombs are staging Ram Navami processions in minority communities long after the holiday has ended in order to stir violence.

Banerjee’s remarks come a day after two groups of people clashed during Ram Navami processions in Rishra and Serampore in the Hooghly district. On March 30, the day of the celebration, there was another conflict near Kazipara in Howrah.

Speaking at an event in the Purba Medinipur region, Banerjee stated, “I shall commit a duty to my Hindu brothers to watch that minorities are not tortured on April 6 (Hanuman Jayanti).”

The leader of the Trinamool Congress pleaded with Hindus to defend the communities of Adivasis and Scheduled Castes.

West Bengal has been the scene of conflicts and acts of vandalism related to the festival since last week. “Why will there be processions for further five days following Ram Navami? Do it on the day of the festival. We have never had objections But they cannot do rallies with guns and bombs, or without necessary permissions from the police,” Banerjee said.

The leader of the Trinamool Congress has said that the BJP is responsible for the riots and arson that occurred during Ramnavami celebrations. “They are going into minority regions on purpose to provoke violence and generate tension,” she said.

Banerjee said that the BJP and the CPI(M) are in a “unholy alliance” and that they should receive a proper response. She was referring to the impending panchayat election in the state, the dates of which have not yet been released.

“No one will be able to stop me from fighting for the people as long as I am alive. I was with the people; I am with the people; and I will stay with the people,” she said.

Banerjee claimed that the central government, which is governed by the BJP, is “the most corrupt,” and that it has halted the flow of funds due to her administration.

Beginning on Monday, the chief minister will be visiting the Purba Medinipore district for four days. She also has a meeting to discuss how her party is getting ready for the panchayat election.

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