Protesting farmers seek release of political prisoners, CAA protesters


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi, Dec 10 : Posters were raised in favour of political prisoners including Sharjeel Imam, Umar Khalid Sudha Bhardwaj and Varvara Rao at the Tikri border, where farmers have been protesting against Modi government’s farm laws.


Farmers allegedly raised the posters and sought the prisoners’ release while observing the human right days on 10 December. Farmers’ organisation BKU Ekta Ugrahan played an active role behind this courageous step.

The organisation published a release on its Facebook page in Punjabi language, maintaining that the Modi government was urged to release all political prisoners at the Tikri border.

BKU’s senior vice-president Jhanda Singh Jethuke had earlier told the Indian Express that they will celebrate the International Human Rights Day and raise their voices for the release of intellectuals and human rights activists. “Modi government is running a fascist agenda. On one hand, it is promoting Adani and Ambani and on the other hand, it is pushing intellectuals and activities into jail. Around two dozen activists have been booked under UAPA for Bhima Koregaon and instigating Delhi riots,” he added.

Lawyer and coordinator of the BKU N K Jeet said the release of these activists has been part of their demands from the very first day. “Government has said that the farm agitation is provoked by urban naxals, Congress and Khalistanis. Urban Naxal is an excuse to prosecute people. In Punjab, people are sandwiched between state terrorism and terrorists…Naxalism has helped tribal people claim their rights,” he said.

The development has a sparked a row on social media. The supporters of RSS and the ruling BJP party have raised their concerns on the support extended by farmers to the political prisoners.


  1. Shame on this. Why are you guys spreading this fake news. Fear from your Allah. And please do not divert the agenda of this protest.


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