Rahul Gandhi addresses concerns over attacks on Muslims and unrest in Manipur

Rahul Gandhi

In a public address held in Ladakh, Rahul Gandhi, a key figure in the Congress party, drew attention to the disturbing trend of attacks on minorities, including Muslims, as well as Dalits and tribals across India.

Against the backdrop of recent incidents, Gandhi expressed deep concern over the escalating tensions and unrest prevalent in certain regions, specifically highlighting the prolonged period of turmoil in Manipur.

Gandhi acknowledged the disproportionate targeting of Muslims in these attacks while emphasizing that other communities have also been victims of such violence. He stated, “Muslims are being attacked in India. This is not wrong. At the same time, there is also the fact that other people are also being attacked.”

Turning his focus towards the northeastern state of Manipur, Gandhi underscored the dire situation prevailing there. He said, “What is happening in Manipur today? Manipur has been burning for the past four months,” highlighting the severity of the ongoing unrest in the state.

The Congress leader highlighted that these issues transcend religious or ethnic lines, affecting various marginalized groups, including minorities, Dalits, and tribals. His address aimed to foster unity among diverse communities while criticizing the current state of affairs.

Gandhi’s speech also touched upon the upcoming assembly elections in four states. Displaying confidence in the Congress party’s prospects, he said, “The Congress party will win these four elections.”

He sought to dispel any doubts regarding the party’s capacity to challenge the ruling party, stating, “You should not think that the Congress party cannot defeat the BJP. If the BJP had not misused the institutions and captured them, it would not have won the last election.”

The Ladakh gathering not only witnessed Gandhi’s critique of the BJP government but also his call for unity among diverse communities. The address shed light on the growing concerns surrounding the targeting of minorities, Dalits, and tribals in various parts of the nation.


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