Rahul Khan beaten to death, called ‘Mulla’ by his Hindu friends

Rahul Khan

By Muslim Mirror Staff

22-year-old Rahul Khan was called “Mulla” and mercilessly beaten to death by his three Hindu friends – Kalua, Aakash alias Diljale and Vishal – on 14 December in Haryana’s Palwal district.


A video clip has emerged on social media, in which the attackers is heard calling Khan a “Mulla” [derogatory term used for Muslims]. He is seen being brutally beaten in the video.

The victim’s brother-in-law, Akram Khan said that his family was initially misled by Kaula, one of the assailinats. Believing Kalua, Khan’s family lodged an FIR at the nearest police station Chandhat stating that Khan was killed in an accident but in the morning of 15 December, they came across a viral video, in which Khan was seen blood-soaked and being beaten mercilessly. After receiving the video, they filed a complaint of murder.

Two of the accused – Vishal and Akash – were arrested on December 18. Kaula is being looked for by the police.

The police have ruled out any communal angle. They have maintained that the accused persons and Khan attended a wedding together in Rasoolpur village on December 13. “When they were there, Rahul Khan took Kalua’s phone,” station house officer at Chandhut police station was quoted as saying by Scroll. “When Kalua started looking for it and asked Khan about it, Rahul said he didn’t have it. But then when they checked, they found the phone on Rahul. They were all drinking and started hitting him.”


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