Rakesh Tikait gives ‘3 T’ formula to intensify farmers stir

Rakesh Tikait


Farmer leader Rakesh Tikait, who is one among those leading the protests on Delhi borders against three farm laws for the last seven months, has given ‘Triple T’ formula to intensify the agitaion.


Tikait has said, “Three things are necessary to save the country. Tanks on the borders, tractors in the fields and Twitter in the hands of the youth.”

Explaining it further, Rakesh Tikait, spokesperson of the Bhartiya Kisan Union (BKU), told IANS, “The farmer who works in the field and drive tractor, the same farmer also goes to the borders to drive the tank. We have a lot of soldiers, who run tractors in the fields, and tanks on the borders. The same farmer also has Twitter in the phone. This is the ‘Triple T’ formula. This will benefit not only the farmers movement but also the country.”

“If the farmer does not drive the tractor, then what will happen to agriculture? And if he forgets to run the military tank on the borders, how will there be peace and security in the country? The way farmer produces the grain and runs tanks on the borders, he will have to learn to use Twitter also, to express his point of view,” he further explained.

He said that, “All soldiers are sons of the country. This formula will be of great help in future.”

The BKU leader said, the government has given a tool to the corporates to loot the farmers by implementing three farm laws. He said these are not laws made for the farmers, but for corporates, and that is why the government is ignoring the interest of the farmers.

Meanwhile, crowds on the borders have begun to swell once again as thousands of farmers from different states have joined the agitation. — IANS


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