RSS worker arrested for objectionable post against Muslim women in Karnataka


RAICHUR (Karnataka) : The Karnataka Police have arrested an RSS worker in connection with an objectionable post on social media against Muslim women in Raichur district, police said on Friday.

The members of Muslim community on Thursday staged a protest and demanded his arrest after the posts went viral. The protesters laid siege to the police station and given a deadline of 24 hours for the arrest of the accused.

The arrested RSS worker has been identified as Raju Tambak. Police said that the accused had put up a post on social media projecting Muslim women as “machines for producing children”.

His status and posts had gone viral and the Muslim community accused Raju Tambak of hurting their religious feelings and demanded the jurisdictional Lingasugur police to arrest the accused immediately.

The situation was tense in Lingasugur town following the incident. The police have beefed up the security in the area to avoid any untoward incident. Investigation was on. — IANS


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