Pilkhua (Hapur) : One Muslim lynched to death another seriously injured by cow terrorists

Kasim, 45 a resident of Sadikpur being lynched by villagers.

By Muslim Mirror Special Correspondent

Pilkhua/ Hapur : In a horrific incident which reminds us the guresom killing of Dadri’s Mohammad Akhlaq, the villagers in Hapur lynched a middle-aged man Kasim to death over a rumour of cow slaughter.


A trivial feud, where men were reportedly driving out stray cows from fields, aggravated into a big controversy after rumour of cow-slaughter broke out. It led to the lynching of the two men by the irate mob resulting in the death of one.

The man named Qasim died in the hospital in the course of treatment. The condition of the Sameddin 75, is also serious.

Police officials reached the spot on being informed by the brother of the victim and filed a complaint against 25 unknown people.

The incident is of Pilkhua Kotwali area’s Bajheda Khurd village. The reason behind lynching has not yet been confirmed by officials but if the locals are to be believed the villagers attacked the men over suspicion of cow slaughter. As per the locals a farmer named Samaydeen had left his farm to bring fodder for his cattle, meanwhile Qasim entered the farm and was driving out a cattle and calf who had entered Samyadeen’s farm, but somebody spread the rumour of cow slaughter.

The police however suspect it to be a feud over bike accident. The probe is underway.

However the video clip of the incident is clearly indicating to a mob lynching case by cow terrorists as the incident took place in the farm area and one can hear the killers talking about cow slaughtering .


  1. What’s the use of reaching late are early when police is involved in all this if law n order ll be strict then there ll be no such kind of this incidents ll took I dono where this India is going

  2. Showcasing RSS hate brigade earning collective ‘Punya/blessings’ on killing unarmed innocent human beings !
    What a tremendous advertisement for character of Hindutva internationally and nationally!


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