‘Shahrukh Pathan assaulted and threatened with life in jail’: Counsel

Shahrukh Pathan

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Sharukh Pathan’s counsel, in a application to the Karkardooma Court, has said that Shahrukh was slapped by the Rajesh Dahiya, the Assistant Jail Superintendent on January 30.

“Assistant Jail Superintendent by the name of Rajesh Dahiya slapped the applicant on his face and started threatening and abusing the applicant with dire consequences for having pointed his pistol at a person of his cast/(Gotra) and threatened the applicant that they would kill him before the trial concludes and that all this was done amidst the presence of all the other Jail officials,” the counsel said, in the application, seeking status report from the jail superintendent pertaining to the incident.

“The incident happened to be in between 2:30 to 3:30 PM on 30.01.2023 and the incident was recorded in camera,” the counsel said in the application.

According to the application, Shahrukh “apprehends that this attack was a calculated attack to orchestrate a bigger and more severe attack based on the outcome of the result of this attack as the perpetrator, The Additional Jail Superintendent has himself warned the applicant of dire consequences and has specifically used the word that ‘we would make sure to kill you but will never let you get out of jail’”.

The counsel, in the application, said that, “AS Rajesh Dahiya threatened applicant/accused for dire consequences but the applicant just ignored the threats and warnings but this present incident has instilled a fear of life and safety.”

In the application, the counsel requested the court to set up a proper enquiry into the matter and demanded “appropriate legal action be taken against such persons and that a status report of the enquiry be filed on record.”

Earlier, two policemen came to Advocate Khalid, who’s Shahrukh’s counselor, to advise (warn) him to take Shahrukh’s case lightly.

Shahrukh has been in Judicial Custody pending trial in Tihar Jail No. 3. He is behind bars under sections 147,148,149,186,188, 353, 332, 323, 307,120B/34 IPC & 27 Arms Act


  1. Shahrukh Pathan and Kapil Gujjar are the two sides of justice. Kapil who had opened fire at Shahin Bagh protest site in presence of heavy police force, but Shahrukh used gun for self defense while Delhi riots. people would have forgotten Kapil, but Godi media and Bhagwa machinery keep on hunting Shahrukh till day. Kapil got bail within days while Shahrukh who is still in jail since March 2020 as the court denied him bail stating different reasons. This shows how Indian Judiciary become biased …


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