Shivsena chief Uddav Thackeray advocates 5% reservation for Muslims


By Muslim Mirror Desk

New Delhi : The close ally of BJP and Shivsena Supremo Uddhav Thackeray advocates 5% reservation for the Muslim community in educational institutions; he assured that Shivsena will support the move of state and central government if they take any such affirmative action.


According to the news published in The Indian Express Udhav Thackeray said: “Dhangarh, Kohli and Muslims should also get reservations in addition to the Marathas”.

While addressing a press conference on Monday Shivsena Chief claimed that central government is overriding the order given by Bombay High court to provide reservation for Marathas. In addition, he also justifies the 5 per cent reservation for Muslims and Dhangare in the education sector.

Shivsena chief’s bold statement and his concern for Muslims are welcomed by the community .


  1. Well said Mr Uddhav Thackeray—Fairness and equal opportunity to all under-represented Indian citizens of Maharashtra including Marathas,Kolis and Muslims is paramount.

    But may be more justified, if they are given reservation according to “official census” in education and employment in public as well as private sector — to really uplift them and keep them away from crime.

  2. Welcome statement though belatedly. Wisdom received belatedly is of sound nature. Shivsena is of outspoken nature,hardly hypocritical. Congress did nothing for muslims. If shivsena lives upto this promise either by giving it legal status or actually and factually enduring this for muslims including in employment it can permanently be in power allied with marathas and can get rid of RSS poison. The real goal of reservation in education is to be fruitfully employed and so equal reservation is required in employment as well.

  3. Many many muslims well educated are jobless and a few in jobs are being harassed by RSS communalist. Shivsena can stop this harrassment and win the hearts of muslims.

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    this blog helped me out in solving my problem previously i was freaking out but after reading your blog
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