Should we give citizenship to Muslims coming from Pak: Shah


New Delhi, Dec 11 Home Minister Amit Shah on Wednesday asked the opposition if citizenship should also be granted to the Muslims coming from Pakistan.

He posed this question to the opposition during discussion in the Rajya Sabha on the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2019.

“What do you want? Should we give citizenship to the Muslims coming from Pakistan?” said Shah, adding: “How will the country run like this?

Shah said: “People following, Hinduism, Jainism, Parsi, Sikhism coming from Pakistan, Afghanistan and Bangladesh are persecuted in these countries. This Bill will safeguard the dignity and life of these people.”

The NDA government has clarified that the reason behind excluding Muslims from the Bill was because they were the majority in these three countries. The Muslims cannot be persecuted on the basis of their religion because they are the majority in these countries, it contends.

The CAB was passed in the Lok Sabha and now waits for clearance in the Rajya Sabha.



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