‘Shown Hindu deities in a distorted manner’: Ayodhya saints call for ban on ‘Adipurush’

Irked over the dialogues of the film, saints in Ayodhya have demanded a ban on the film ‘Adipurush’.

This is the second time in a year that saints have spoken out against the film.

Last year in October, the seers had objected to the ‘distortion’ seen in the film’s trailer.

They claimed that the film has misrepresented the characters of Ramayana and shown Hindu deities in a ‘distorted’ manner — Hanuman — being shown with a beard and without a moustache.

Head priest of Ram Janmabhoomi, Acharya Satyendra Das, said that despite earlier protests, the filmmakers have misrepresented the characters of Ramayana and shown Hindu deities in a ‘distorted’ manner.

“The dialogues are shameful and the film should be banned immediately,” he added.

“Lord Ram, Lord Hanuman as well as Ravana have been presented in totally different manner. It depicts our deities in completely different form against what we have read and known so far,” Das added.

Raju Das, the priest of Hanuman Garhi temple, too sought a ban on the movie.

“Bollywood is hell bent on distorting Hindu religion. The movie ‘Adipurush’ is a classic example of how it is least concerned about Hindu sentiments,” said Raju Das.

The Mani Ram Das Chhavni Peeth, the most powerful body of Ayodhya saints, too has also backed the demand for a movie ban. –IANS

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  1. “Distortions” abound in South Asian pagan cults. How many different Ramayanas are there?
    Are they going to retrofit a unitary “Hinduism” & where are the “definitive” texts that corroborate their claims?

    Or has the #BAMIYAN_BUDDHAS_BABRI_MASJID_DESTRUCTION power gone to heads of those in this particular “Ayodhya”?


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