Some news channels are inspired by values of Radio Rwanda that causes genocide in Africa: Editors Guild of India

Indian TV anchors

By Muslim Mirror Staff

The Editors Guild of India has decried the irresponsible conduct of some national news channels for deliberately creating circumstances that target vulnerable communities by spewing hatred towards them and their beliefs. This comes in the wake of an international outcry over former BJP spokesperson Nupur Sharma’s insulting remarks on Prophet Muhammad.

In a statement, EGI said that there was a riot in Kanpur accompanied by an unprecedented trenchant reaction from many countries that were offended by the remarks of the ruling party spokespersons. 

“The incident that caused unnecessary embarrassment to the country could have been avoided if some of the TV outlets had been mindful of the nation’s constitutional commitment to secularism, as well as the journalistic ethics and guidelines that the Press Council of India has issued to handle a volatile communal situation,” it said.

EGI added that some of the new channels are inspired by the values of Radio Rwanda whose incendiary broadcast caused a genocide in the African nation.

The organisation called for stricter vigilance by broadcaster and journalist bodies to prevent a recurrence of this from taking place. “The media is in place to strengthen the Constitution and the law and not break it through sheer irresponsibility and absence of accountability,” it said.


  1. What they are saying is All free speech is allowed as long as it matches my agenda and doesn’t hurt my feelings. Only I have the right to free speech, no one else.

    P S. facts don’t care about your feelings.


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