Some truths about IMPAR and its founder M. J. Khan


By Mohammad Adeeb

I was very happy to know about the launch of IMPR (Indian Muslim for Progress and Reform) and the joining of very sincere Muslims in this movement.

But when I came to know about who the man behind the launch it then my happiness was very much short lived. I feel its my duty to inform everyone about the reality of Mr MJ Khan, who happens to be behind this. After the Congress victory in 2004 he started projecting himself as a “Congressi” but was a pawn of the RSS /BJP and his main agenda was to create feud between Muslims and not let them unite under one platform ever. At that time, he used to speak against the RSS and as a result was also very close to me. I also consider myself responsible in a way of getting him introduced to some Congress leaders.

When I became independent Rajya Sabha MP 2008, he suggested we launch a Muslim party for the UP elections in 2012. I told him doing this would just divide the vote and the BJP will benefit. Moreover, to do something like this means having great deal of financial resources. He told me that they would arrange 5 crores for the party and that we should make offices in all Muslim dominated areas. That time I said that if we do something like this it will only make the secular parties lose and I refused. As a result, he then moved on to Dr Ayub and went ahead to become the General secretary of the Peace party. He projected Dr Ayub as an Ansari community leader to try to create rift between upper and lower caste. He successfully managed to confuse the voter and thanks to division of votes, the BJP indeed did win. As a prize he became the secretary of Rajnath Singh. And now he has again been foisted with this responsibility of bringing together Muslims for the BJP cause.

This is RSS methodology of getting their own people within areas under espionage- in Gandhi ideological institutions acting as Gandhiwadis. Infact they even managed to remove the books of noted historian and Ex Gandhi Samiti Vice Chairman Vishambhar Nath Pandey from the collections.

This MJ Khan is known BJP stooge. I even saw him in Maulana Madanis conference and got shocked that there was an attempt going to initially get the NPR and NRC viewed leniently.

I would like to request you to please do the required background checks into this before committing yourselves. You can check the facts I have mentioned as well. How and when the peace party came into existence? How they got the funds? How Mr Khan was going all over the place in helicopters and canvasing for Peace Party and suddenly as soon as the BJP won, he switched sides. I have it from a top BJP leader that he is very close to him and his party.

Since you people are joining this movement with utmost sincerity, I feel it is my responsibility to inform you about the agenda behind this forum. I do not want that in the absence of knowing the facts and in your drive for doing good, you all unconsciously end up driving your “millat” towards the evil intent of the BJP.

The author is former MP Rajya Sabha. Views are personal.


  1. Assalam, Respected J. Muhammad Adeeb, sahab! Many thanks for your timely, appropriate clarification. Unfortunately, our common legacy does exist awful, rentseekers! It is our duty to expose broakers and rent seekers! In our part of Gujarat, you know what happened to blue eyed (Noor-e-Nazar), Mr. Sareshwala, who utilized the emotions of Maulana Salman Nadwi sahab!

  2. Truth should be disclosed before many burn their fingers and later keep on repenting which is useless.I Salute the author of this cautious communication.No one should blindly fall under the intoxicant and nefarious agendas of RSS the atanki Gang.

  3. The Rajya Sabha MP Subrmaniam Swamy in a interview has cleared said it is strategy of the RSS to weaken and divide the Muslims in ethnic lines.
    If Indian’s Muslim who believe in One Allah, One Messenger of the Truth and trust in one Holy book should be wise to think about supporting the leadership from the community.
    They have to take the example of Abdullah’s and Mufi’s in Kashmir who sided for their own benefit ignoring the voice of their own people and later same leaders pushed to jail when the mission is accomplished.
    Jai Hind

  4. Jazakallah. I benefitted from this much, as it has held me back at least for now to join that organization. I got a message from him, and I was tempted to join them. Meanwhile, this thought, by the grace of Allah, came to my mind to just have a background check before proceeding to join. And, alhamdulillah, this appeared as the first item on list of results.
    Nevertheless, I am going to have discussion with him to challenge his thoughts and intents.

  5. Thanks Mr Adeeb. But I feel that there is urgent need for such an organisation. This IMPAR foundation has not only Mr M J Khan but other very noted intellectuals who are not politicians. Recently I heard a Video conference of IMPAR in which Mr Sudhanshu Trivedi was there. The IMPAR team very intellegently handled it . Mr Siddiqui focussed its agenda only on Education. I feel that instead of criticizing this forum, we should ask the forum to take care of politicians and concentrate on single agenda that is Education. No Congress No BJP, No to any political party. But for support the forum has to approach to Govt not Party that may be BJP, Congress, SP, BSP or any one ellse. And this support should not lead to any defection in muslims, vote bank…….Mr Adeeb Saheb, if you can do something you start such an organisation. Mr M J Khan is your old freind, sit with him and talk on muslim unity. Please avoid leg pulling. Best Regards

  6. Muslim Mirror has not checked the facts before publishing a letter of Adeeb Sahab maligning the image of a Think Tank namely IMPAR. The reporter and Adeeb Sahab have tried to settle scores with one person but targeted an organisation which now has 1000s of prominent muslims as members. IMPAR is a non political and non religious forum came i to existence to carry forward the agenda of Reforms, progress and empowerment of muslims. Unfortunately Muslim politicians like Adeeb Sahab want to trap the muslims within political and religious boy Darira which is reflected by his statement too. Mr. Adeeb is misleading by saying that Maulana Madni Sahab has a hard view about NPR. I was also part of that conference and a joint statement was released in that conference and no such attempt to dilute the NPR and NRC in that meeting. I hope IMPAR will work for building good relations between Muslims and other communities and work for uniting Indians. Mr. Adeeb must refrain from disintegrating an organisation of sane Indian voices and build a better India for all.of us.

  7. This is so in-appropriate article. It’s unbelievable. I request Muslim-mirror to revoke. IMPAR is one of the sane voices in India currently and instead of praising it, you directly started maligning it. What a sad person you are. Are you even aware that IMPAR has cleared so many Muslim youths lodged illegally in jails? What have you done for them? It’s ironic that you talk about divide while you are doing the same about other people. So sad.

  8. IMPAR is a social organization with an ambition to work and resolve many social challenges community is facing due to some extremists who captured the power in recent times.

    MJ Khan is not indispensable to IMPAR. If there is a more capable leader he can join IMPAR and make a difference.

    • Yes. I think IMPAR should join darool uloom deoband. Infact IMPAR can just join and learn from any darul uloom and progress in its thinking. IMPAR really needs transformation, as the society has progressed and become more inclined towards Islam.

  9. Mr. Adeeb, you should be ashamed of your statement.,you seem to be knowing him very closely and seems to be showing your personal grudge or personal malice in your message. It is not required to mention that Mr MJ Khan is renowned personality in the whole society; he has done so much and still doing for the sake of humanity. I don’t know what forced you to showcase your anger filled with malice because of some personal grudges or whatever you have against Mr Khan;or may be you might not have gained any personal benefits from Mr MJ Khan/IMPAR, that’s why you are unleashing your jealousy filled with anger in such a disgusting way just to disgrace the personality with esteemed honour and magnitude. Further I would like to add that Mr MJ Khan(through IMPAR) has done so much for poor people that he leaves no stone unturned to help anyone who seeks him at any point of time; he stands by all in every thick and thin and doesn’t care at all whatever the time is.During the lockdown he(IMPAR) distributed many things and ensured that all the people who were suffering from covid-19 should be provided with oxygen cylinders and not only that he also distributed food packets to the needy ones. (IMPAR)He keeps on doing such humble and noble activities from time to time just to make sure that the needy people those who have a bit of calibre can stand on their own; if they need any sort of help he provides it on the spot without caring the magnitude of the finance. Therefore you should be ashamed of your comments and statement whatever you have mentioned and I think you should personally and socially apologize to Mr MJ Khan;what you have mentioned can not be tolerated at all because he is an asset of the whole society, your comment will not be tolerated.
    Thank you.

  10. Dear All

    I feel pain and pity to see sustained motivated agenda being run by vested interests against IMPAR. There is a fresh round of vicious media campaign launched yet again to malign the work of IMPAR, linking it with various right wing organisations such as BJP, RSS, MRM etc. These allegations are completely false and fabricated, and I do not find even an iota of truth. We took the view so far that propaganda has its short life and we needed not respond. But, silence sometimes is misunderstood, hence, let me therefore clarify our viewpoint:

    1. Neither IMPAR as the organisation nor any of its key members have anything to do with any political party or ideological groupings. In fact IMPAR is strictly non-political by its mandate. Since charges are more about me individually than about IMPAR, hence let me clarify my case. I have close relations with over a dozen Ministers in this Government and certainly no less than this number in any of the previous Governments in the last 22 years. I have also been member of different political parties from 1991 to 2015, including a short association with BJP (2013-2015). But that does not mean IMPAR being inspired or linked to any party or ideology, either the BJP or the Congress Party, where I spent 11 long years?

    2. IMPAR was formed in an extraordinary situation in the first week of April, 2020 by over 200 prominent Muslims as an emergency response to deal with the extremely alarming and hateful anti-Muslim situation created by the hysterical media over-drive in the name of Corona Jihad. Had there been no Corona Jihad there would have been no IMPAR. Those who are alleging that IMPAR was created by the Government seems to lack even basic level IQ. Do they really believe that Modi Government would go to Wuhan to create Corona and bring that to India to devastate its economy and then ask media to run Corona Jihad project and then reach out to me to create IMPAR?

    3. Allegations are made that I have created IMPAR to join politics. To join a party, do I need IMPAR? As far BJP, I wish there were more Muslims to play some positive roles in the times of need. We must understand that BJP neither needs our votes nor notes. And neither ideological support. In fact they are better served by our opposition, than by our cooperation. The more aggressively Muslims oppose BJP, the more it gains politically. Do we lack even basic level IQ when we tend to believe allegations that IMPAR was created to bring Muslims closer to RSS, when their interests lie in our opposition? Occasional photo ops and statements apart, they don’t need Muslims? If anyone thinks that BJP is dying of our love or for our votes, he may either be fool himself or attempting to misguide the community.

    4. There is allegation that I am protégé of Rajnath Singh, and working on his behalf. There is no doubt that last 20 years, I am fortunate to have his much trust in me. And as Home Minister of India what all he did for Muslims, no declared secular leader will go to that extent. And Rajnath ji is certainly not the kind of person who would wish anything bad for Muslims. I have seen in him genuine pain and concerns for Muslims. Let me also clarify that he is not amongst the first five closest leaders to me. And none of these closest leaders are from BJP. If having working relations with political leaders mean being protégé of one or the other, then I am sorry to say, its only our mental bankruptcy?

    5. There is also wilful attempt to create an impression that IMPAR is funded by the Government or RSS. I have no idea if the Government or RSS funds such projects, but if so, I see no harm in accessing such funds to use them for community welfare work. IMPAR must be judged by what it is doing, and not by hearsay and propaganda. When we were badly struggling with funds to even pay salaries on time and half the staff left for month after month delays, the propaganda was that IMPAR had been funded Rs. 500 crores by RSS? Unfortunately, there is reverse propaganda too led by a very prominent Muslim in BJP, who is working overtime to prove IMPAR is anti-Modi and anti-National. In the last 16 months, IMPAR must have taken up 1000 activities. Can even one single activity be pointed out either as anti-Modi or anti-National or pro-Government or pro-BJP?

    6. IMPAR is a creation of the emergency situation, but joined by eminent persons over the months to work on improving perceptions about Muslims and in long run their socio economic empowerment. Some people may have political backgrounds and leanings, but this platform is strictly non-political. We are neither here to oppose BJP to strengthen it nor support bjp to create dissension in the community. I feel it is just the beginning. Many more Muslims, who would not get leadership roles in IMPAR, will oppose it as RSS funded and some will even accuse it as Dawood or ISI funded. This seems to have become our general character. We will continue to do what in our wisdom is good for the community, not caring if it upsets the Government or any party or person?

    7. While there are all sort of false and wild allegations, drawing reference to a completely fake letter written by an ex MP, what surprised me was that people who knew this gentlemen too well did not come forward to expose him. While we were struggling to pull things off the horrifying situation, a sinister design was underway by a group led by this ex MP, whose political life thrived doing the politics of the Quom by shedding tears on every occasion only to emotionally exploit the Quom. A politically finished person spotted opportunity for himself to resurrect his career by targeting impar at a time when community was passing through unprecedented crisis situation, and we at IMPAR were working in emergency mode day and night to deal with that situation.

    8. IMPAR did deliver on key challenges in a very short time. But, instead of appreciation there is accusation that BJP is helping IMPAR deliver so that it could mislead Muslims in future? Are Muslims potatoes I or anyone can load them in a truck and unload at BJP HQ? And will BJP allow them being unloaded at its HQ, when its survival apparently is in Muslims opposition? Have our so called intellectuals mortgaged their wisdom? My advice to these misguided as well as motivated fellows is to have confidence in themselves. The day IMPAR asks you to give vote or note to BJP or support Modi/RSS, please go away and launch full-fledged attack. That will be more credible and more justified.

    9. While we were dealing with huge crisis situation, this ex MP was busy with his plans to launch a misinformation campaign by calling key IMPAR members and mass circulating a letter with 100% false allegations and accusations. The people who knew this person well were also carried away by his tear shedding yet again. In the name of “Qoum ki Industry”, Quom ka Numainda in Parliament and Qoum ka Channel, you name it, he comes up every few years with a new plan only to plunder gullible Muslims, who will respond to his tear shedding speeches and crying videos. In the name of Quom, he has done financial fraud all his life with the people of the Quom only. I would be really happy to know that among his victims there is at least one non-muslim too?

    10. We as a community refused to learn from the life of the Prophet 1400 years back and from likes of Sir Syed Ahmed Khan and Mir Salar Jung 140 years back. We are repeating the same mistakes yet again? If all the motivated and misguided, negative and regressive elements who had ganged up to defeat Sir Syed plan, calling him by all names, and levelling every possible allegation, had succeeded, what would have been the loss of Sir Syed? Would the community have paid the price or Sir Syed? If the same mindsets succeed today in defeating IMPAR, what is going to be my loss? IMPAR is a huge cost to my family, career and profession, and corporate and political relations. My value in the system, nationally and globally, is for 30 years of my work on farmers agenda and agriculture, and not because of IMPAR.

    11. Today IMPAR, in my opinion, is working at just 10% of its capability, then how many feathers are already ruffled. Tomorrow, when it works at 100% speed, and also when several dozen more such organisations are created by Muslim youths, whose speed of delivery and performance may be much greater than IMPAR, will then these so called Muslim intellectuals collectively jump into Arabian sea? Let me give a piece of advice to our misguided Muslim brethren, as well as to the motivated ones. Recently five excellent books have been published, authored by 1. Lt. Gen. Zameeruddin Shah 2. Dr. SY Quraishi 3. Mr. K Rahman Khan 4. Ms. Ghazala Wahab and 5. Dr. Khwaja Iftekhar Ahmed. Please go through them to have some wisdom and practical approach in life to do some constructive work, rather acting as headless chickens and wasting time in rumour spreading?

    12. I often wonder the mindsets in our community, as if they actually believed that levelling false charges and allegations is the Passport to Jannat? And as if there is immunity to these people from the accountability on the Day of Judgement? For the last seventeen years that I have been involved in Muslim affairs, I could notice the remarkable tendency in the community and overpowering urge of urgency in making unsubstantiated and quite often false allegations and accusations, more often knowingly than unknowingly. The sense of fierce freedom of doing that seems to reflect a kind of religious belief in the business of levelling baseless allegations with total impunity, as if this is the most noble deed?

    13. This tendency is greater in people with higher level of education than apparently lesser educated people. I find this mindset so overpowering in the seminar circuit of Delhi, the NRIs in US and AMU lobbies in India and worldwide, that every propaganda and every negative story they take as if it was a divine message. I had the impression that the political elements primarily engage in this business in order to ward off any potential threat of performing people entering public domain, for they having thrived only on emotional speeches and selling negative stories and the stories of zulm and zyadati so far. But, as I got deeper into it, I found its less due to the perceived risk, rather more as the habit of drawing sadistic pleasure of victim’s pain.

    14. The leaders of yesteryears and their inspired followers must understand that society is rapidly changing and today’s youth is aspirational and practical, who is looking for guidance and solutions to play a positive role in the society, and not doses of emotional speeches to bind him to one’s political nest or the religious sect. It looks as if we have not moved an inch forward in our thinking in the last 140 years. We celebrate Sir Syed, but do exactly opposite to what all he stood for? Instead of going for workable solutions and what could work for us, we almost necessarily opt a path to our destruction and then rush to accuse and curse everyone for the failure. Where will this negativity and regression lead us to? And as the community do we not form our opinions by hearsay than any objective analysis of the facts?

    At the end, let me assure the community that IMPAR will survive because its serving, no matter how many regressive and disruptive elements get together and wish its death? No matter how many fake allegations and accusations and propaganda plans are launched, IMPAR will stay focussed and remain committed to serve. The same headless chickens tried their level best, when Aligarh Education Movement was launched. What was the result? IMPAR has survived three rounds of full blown vicious campaigns against it. IMPAR will Insha Allah survive many more such propaganda. But, I just wondered if we as believers are free to engage in the business of levelling false allegations and accusations, knowingly? Shall we not be held accountable to our Deeds on the Day of Judgement?

    • Modernists and reformists. Best way to check one out is by looking at the number of non hijabis in the team. See you guys need to reform, upgrade yourself and become proper ideological muslims. Reach the next level. IMPAR or IMPHALA, everyone needs transformation, practice more, do more ibadah, ho gaya reform. Ask your women to do hijab, thats also the next level of reform. Take classes from darul uloom, more reform. Learn hadith, even more reform.

  11. Absolutely with you on the issue of the sincerety of IMPAR towards its goal of uniting Indians and building a better India for all. But as a group each member also has to & must seperate the wheat from chaff; dead fish from the kettle. It is a collective responsibility to keep the Org virus free at all times. To that extent a reference check is a must for all members particularly the office bearers


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