Speak only about Modi’s achievements, says Delhi BJP to spokespersons

Naveen Kumar Jindal

New Delhi : A day after expelling Naveen Kumar Jindal from the party, the Delhi BJP has advised its spokespersons to only speak about the achievements of eight years of the Narendra Modi government.

The Delhi BJP also advised its spokespersons to think before speaking and not cross the line while participating in TV debates.


On Sunday, the Delhi BJP expelled its media head, Naveen Kumar Jindal, from the party for his social media comment on Prophet Muhammad. The BJP central leadership has also suspended national spokesperson Nupur Sharma from the party for her comment on Prophet Muhammad during a TV debate.

Sources in the Delhi BJP said that after Sunday’s action against Jindal, the state leadership feels that party spokespersons and TV panellists must not cross the line during the debate and think twice before speaking.

“Words must be carefully chosen so that it does not hurt anyone’s religious sentiments. Our spokespersons must defend the party on various issues or topics but while doing that they also ensure that their words should not hurt the religious sentiment of an individual or insult any religious leader,” a Delhi BJP insider said.

It is learnt that spokespersons have been advised to avoid participating in the debate on religious issues if possible but continue to defend the party on its ideology or core agenda.

“It is general advisory that if possible Delhi BJP spokespersons must avoid participating in religious debate. They must participate in debates on political issues and defend the party. They must also strongly put their view on party ideology and agenda and while doing so they must also remember their limit,” a senior Delhi BJP functionary said.— IANS


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