State-sponsored atrocities on Muslims under ruling dispensation


By Syeda Ayesha

The continuously rising Islamophobia in India has become a new normal. The increase in the number of lynching incidents and state-sponsored terrorism since the BJP came to power is a lot worrying for the future of Muslims in this country. Hindutvadis are using their power and positions to dehumanise Muslims without any slightest shame, pity or fear and would continue to do so.

The conscience of the majority community is extremely condemnable as it is them who have brought a fascist government to power enabling atrocious crimes against Muslims without remorse. The constant barbarism that is being unleashed on Muslim community is a result of deep-rooted radicalisation of the majority community. The reeks of privilege of majority community living in comfort without being harmed under this fascist regime has either made them justify the crime committed on innocents or at least whitewash them while bringing fascists to power.


The sheer silence of politicians, ministers, activists on the pains and sufferings of Muslims indicate how their privilege has enabled them to either ignore or further white-wash their community’s crimes.

For example, Shashi Tharoor has been grumbling about women’s rights in Afghanistan, posting a picture of burqa-clad women going one way and one non-hijabi woman reading a book and going the opposite way, depicting that hijabi women are inferior and backward when compared to non-hijabi women. Supposedly, a cloth that covers and not sexualises women is synonymous with women empowerment.

Tharoor also stated that the Muslim slogan “La ilaha illallah” is extremism and doesn’t suit his idea of “secularism”. Hence, it shouldn’t be backed by religious fundamentalism. Tharoor has been self-possessed and nagging on how a Muslim community can or cannot be when crimes by the state or by his own community are being committed in broad daylight.

Similarly, Rohini Singh and Sanjukta Basu threw our brother Sharjeel Usmani in the pit when he rightly called out a sociopath and absolutist journalist, Rohit Sardana. Rohini called Sharjeel a disgrace and Sanjukta blindly accused him of becoming a Right Wing. How could a victim of this fascist government be a disgrace? How could he belong to a Right-Wing when he is already a victim of Right-Wing? How irresponsible and insensitive it actually is to blame the oppressed?

Tharoor, Sanjukta and Rohini are just a few examples. There are many such individuals who would very comfortably nag about Muslims and Islam but chose to keep quiet and turn their backs to their very own community’s atrocities on Muslims.

This is nothing but deep radicalisation of the majority community for decades. No wonder how this government was elected for the second term.

Moinul Haque of Assam was lynched by men in uniform and Binoy Bonia, a photographer who jumped on Moinul’s body while he was lying injured, motion-less. Binoy wouldn’t be punished as he should be, of course, neither by the police nor by the judiciary. Like many other goons, he would be garlanded for his vicious victory in the form of murdering a Muslim man. The success of dehumanising Muslims, the success of state-sponsored terrorism. A 12-year-old boy, who was a student of 7th standard, was also the victim of this brutality. After being shot in his chest, he sadly lost his life to this barbarism. Yet, none of the saviours like Tharoor, Rohini or Sanjukta would really care about it.

Despite these heinous crimes, Assam CM Himanta B Sarma had the audacity to very comfortably tell to the press that a 30-second video shouldn’t be a ground to judge the state and demean it. Of course, killings have been taking place since 1983 in Assam, leaving an impression that two or more killings wouldn’t really make a difference.

While such people very naturally roam freely, we Muslims raising voice are arrested and put in a lock up under draconian UAPA.

Fraternity Movement activists were detained by Delhi Police for merely protesting for their rights and rights of the victim of the Assam Police’s brutality. While the culprits have no remorse for what they have done.

In a nutshell, the so-called liberal politicians, journalists and activists of the majority community have failed to act effectively to prevent atrocities against Muslims. These are crucial incidents that should twitch the conscience of the majority community, government, police, judiciary, but only if they had one.


  1. The Sickular face parties their leaders and Ram naam parties their leaders are of same bunch of thoughts, no matter who it is. These are the parties and their leaders have been cheating Indian majority people on religion and caste basis. Now it time for Indian Muslims and other religious minorities and other oppressed people to unite politically and strategically.


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