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Greece violates principle of reciprocity by keeping several mosques closed: Experts

ISTANBUL : Greece's move to use Ottoman-era mosques for different purposes by keeping them closed to worship is seen as a violation of the...

Türkiye has no desire to go to war with Greece: President Erdogan

ANKARA : Türkiye has no intention to go to war with Greece, the country's president said on Friday. Türkiye "doesn't intend to wage war against...

Erdogan reiterates no more high-level strategic council meeting with Greece

Ankara : Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated that his country would no longer hold the High-Level Strategic Council meetings with Greece. "Unless I come...

Greece accused of ‘genocide’ of Macedonian people

By Bayram Altug, Geneva: Macedonian non-governmental organizations are protesting ongoing talks on the name of their country, accusing Greece of committing “human rights violations as...

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