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Hindutva’s religious text “Manusmriti” to be released in Telugu in Hyderabad

By Syed Ali Mujtaba A fervent appeal is made by a rationalist advocate to stop the release of the Hindutva’s religious text “Manusmriti” in Telugu...

Ramcharitmanas, Manusmriti spread hate: Bihar Education Minister

By Muslim Mirror Network Following his statement that Tulsidas's Ramcharitmanas "spreads hatred in the society," Bihar's education minister Chandra Shekhar  sparked a controversy. "Why was Ramcharitmanas...

Bhagwat Gita in NCERT: Why not Manusmriti?

By Haider Abbas The first step towards replacing the Constitution has been taken as it has been reported on December 22, in Lok Sabha, that...

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