Tehran summons Danish envoy over attack on Iranian embassy in Copenhagen

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran

TEHRAN (Tasnim) : The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Iran summoned Denmark’s ambassador to Tehran in protest at an armed attack on the Iranian Embassy in Copenhagen.

The Danish ambassador was called to the Iranian Foreign Ministry following a Friday attack by an assailant armed with a cold weapon on Iran’s Embassy in Copenhagen, the threats posed to the Islamic Republic’s ambassador, the injury of a local Embassy staffer, and the damages inflicted on the Embassy’s vehicles.

In the meeting, an official protest was lodged with the Danish ambassador over the European country’s failure to provide security for the Iranian Embassy and diplomats, the Foreign Ministry’s website reported.

It was also emphasized that the host government’s responsibility in that regard is crystal clear based on the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, and that Denmark’s government is strongly expected to shoulder its international responsibility to provide security of the diplomatic missions.

In response, the Danish envoy offered an apology over what happened and emphasized that security was tightened and will remain tight in the wake of the incident.

The envoy said he will swiftly convey the matter to Copenhagen.

According to the Iranian ambassador to Denmark, an assailant carrying a cold weapon trespassed on the Iranian Embassy in Copenhagen on Friday, started to threaten people there, created intimidation and fear, and caused damages to the vehicles in the parking lot of the Embassy. — IANS


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