The genocide trail and workforce discrimination in US


By Taher Shaikh

For as long as the history of civil societies has been recorded, the tactics used by a prevailing group to marginalize and brew a genocide of a minority have been like slow poison. Never were any of the horrific instances of mass suppression and killings done overnight. Fearing that the general population even among their own kind would not support them in wanton sprees of killing, the killers like Hitler contrive a narrative that slowly marginalizes and suppresses the minorities and sows bloody animal instincts in the hearts of the majority.  Listed below are some of the signs that show up when the mass murderers begin their evil plot.

∙  First there is a definition of WE and THEY. And then follows the demonization

∙  The WE can roam freely, while the THEY need verification documents and citizenships verified and eventually get their citizenships revoked

∙  The WE are called the sons of the soil, while the THEY are labeled foreigners and invaders

∙   The WE can easily get government jobs, while the THEY are marked unfit

∙   The WE can assume important positions in the judiciary or administration as a natural right, while the THEY are sidelined and shut off

∙  Females among the WE cannot marry from males from the THEY

∙   The WE can have access to the best education funded by the government, while the THEY are suppressed, and literacy becomes scarce among them

∙   The WE have impunity in general in anything they do concerning the THEY, and the THEY are freely imprisoned with fictional charges

∙    The media supporting the WE gets eyeballs and ears, and the media talking about the rights of the THEY are terrorized and/or shutdown

∙    The WE have access to any part of the nation, while the THEY are prohibited free travel

∙    The WE can own any kind of business, while the THEY are boycotted and shrunk in their reach

∙    The WE can apply for any jobs, while the THEY are either openly or secretly discarded

These are the major signs leading to an eventual genocide that should not and cannot be missed even by blind eyes and deaf ears. There are various organizations across the globe that are putting in their blessed efforts to detect such signs and to work to counter such mass murderers and nip them in the bud. One such organization is the New York based ASPAIRE  that seeks to work at grass roots level and create an awareness and build a momentum against the Hitlers of this age. ASPAIRE is an acronym and stands for ‘Alliance to Save and Protect America from Infiltration by Religious Extremists’. And, as the name suggests it is a nationwide alliance of peace-groups against extremism.   It’s now becoming the Neighborhood Watch at a national level.  Documented on are records of the current and past mass atrocities in world history. One of the most documented and studied cases of mass marginalization and murders is the Nazis and their horrific atrocities on their Jewish minority. When Hitler became the tongue and limb of the devil, he chose similar tactics which resounded among his blind followers as the only way to survive in a competitive and adversarial world. Hitler was one of the first terrorists of the modern world. And only with the will power of the sane western nations, the world did rightfully put an end to Hitler’s terrible terror, and also set up international forces and laws through the United Nations to avoid a repetition of such tragedies. Proactive as well as reactive actions were taken on several occasions by the UN to stop such evil forces on several occasions, like in Bosnia in mid 1990s.

Fast forward, present day India. Led by a Hitler-worshipping terror organization called the RSS, India today is on the same crossroads that Germany was in the 1930s, as described by David Fishman, a board member of the Holocaust Center of Nassau County, Long Island. This time it is the RSS terrorist organization that has become the tongue and limb of the devil, and RSS is following the same terror trail of the many mass-murderers before them.  They are working to marginalize and isolate the religious minorities of India slowly and gradually, just like Hitler did to the Jews in the 1930s. They were drumming up their terror narratives from the sidelines for the last 100 years, but were always blocked by the secular governments of India. Unfortunately, their activities have started becoming popular among the vast uneducated and unemployed Indians, and slowly the educated youth also fell for it. Since 2014 when RSS came to power, under its proxy organization called BJP, this extremist organization has caused deep wounds to the secular fabric of India and they have targeted Muslims, Christians and the so-called Low Caste Hindus. But Muslims have suffered the worst in the last 6 years. They had to endure all the horrible acts of terror that RSS has been committing unchecked by any local and international laws. The lynching and killing of helpless Muslims is happening without any legal consequences to the terrorist perpetrators. The act of eating beef, which a major chunk of the population does beyond religious lines, has now become the reason for several men to be brutally killed in broad daylight by RSS goons that are let loose by the sitting prime minister Modi. Social and economic boycott of Muslims started as a murmur amongst secret RSS groups in several parts of the country. And within a few years it is now being practiced openly.  The media machinery has become a lapdog of the RSS terrorists and is now totally corrupt and is ranked amongst the world’s worst. And further, going along the defined genocide trail, there has been a huge upsurge in discrimination in the job force – and although the RSS terrorists have not become so bold yet to openly declare this policy against hiring Muslims, there have been some social media leaks that revealed this on several occasions. Let us look at this workforce discrimination and marginalization now which has overflown the Indian borders and is now openly being flaunted by RSS in many parts of the world, and even in the US.

Racism is at the core of anything that RSS does. Many of these genocide-intending Hitler-worshipping RSS terrorists have infiltrated the western societies, specially the US, and have now started to practice their wicked acts here. Yes, RSS supporters cannot already dare to kill Americans for consuming beef like they do their minorities in India, as RSS is working in dark shadows and hiding behind the smiling faces of highly paid professionals — doctors, surgeons, aspiring politicians, businessmen, and a section of the hundreds of thousands of the IT workforce. A racist terror philosophy in India is a racist terror philosophy in the US, except it is in a tactical dormancy waiting to explode. But some of the acts of the racist RSS have shown up regardless. The abuse of the H1-B Visa by the Indian government to pump in more and more of their followers from India into the US is becoming blatant day by day. Given that the Muslims, Christians and the so-called low-caste Hindus make up more than 50% of the Indian population is it not a coincidence that 95%+ H1B visa holders are from the Hindu Community, not all of them are supporters of RSS, but RSS prefers to have a growing number of Hindus secular or otherwise, that they think they can influence easily by their racist rants. What goes in comes out! This is what is happening now in the lucrative H1-B job sector, job discriminations have been exported from India big time now in the US. Let’s see how the H1-B visa is being used as an unlicensed weapon to shove the Muslims and the so-called low-caste Hindus out of the workforce.

Many US corporations have their IT departments run mostly by contract workers. To minimize their liabilities on full-time workers, the employment in the lucrative American IT sector is mostly contractual. With more and more US employers opting for contractual hirings, there has been an explosion in a short span of less than a decade in the number of contracting companies that supply H1-B workers to the hiring US employers. Thus, unintentionally, the US companies that hire H1B contractors have given direct control of a major chunk of the workforce into the hands of the contracting companies, which are mostly run by Indians who collaborate with job-hunting companies in India. It did not take long for this trend to become an easy way for importing workforce inequalities from India to the US. The situation has taken openly racist colors since the RSS started ruling India under their proxy name. The H1B contractor companies are mostly owned by the so-called high-caste Hindus that support RSS. They are driven by the RSS mentality of promoting Hindus and Hindus alone, at the expense of more than 50% of the Indian population including Muslims, Christians and, in many cases, the so-called low-caste ‘untouchable’ Hindus as well. This is a serious violation of Workforce Equality laws of the US. And all of this discrimination is happening right under the nose of the oblivious US employers who are unaware of the whole malpractice that has become part of the discriminatory hiring process. These US employers simply are concerned with who shows up to work, turning a wilful or ignorant blind eye to the discrimination thats so obvious.

A few cases of such discrimination have become popular news recently, like the case at Cisco, where the so-called high-caste Hindu managers were abusing and withholding promotions of one of their ‘low-caste’ Hindu employees. Similarly, one recent case from November 23rd 2020 has revealed the naked impropriety of racist discrimination by an RSS minded H1-B contracting company called Nityo Infotech, based out of Plainsboro, NJ. Priyanka Kumari, a recruiter at Nityo, posted a job listing with a very objectionable statement that said unambiguously that Muslims should not be applying for the listed job. This is a serious crime, and many rights organizations have voiced their grave concerns. Further, ASPAIRE has requested the Attorney General of the US and of the various states to take this case with all the seriousness it deserves.  The Attorney General of the State of New Jersey has already announced an investigation of Nityo.  It is heartening to see that ASPAIRE taking the right step to cease this growing extremist ideology in the US job sector. Right now is the right time to launch a thorough and wide ranging investigation into the systemic bias practiced by India based companies. The list of required actions that should be immediately performed are as follows:

∙   Launch an investigation if the job description that Nityo accidently slipped out of their private chatter was actually submitted by an RSS minded hiring manager on the US Client side

∙    The authorities should quickly go to the bottom of this case and investigate what kind of internal racist policies exist at Nityo and other Indian owned or India-based firms

∙    If the hiring managers on the US Client side are found to have used such language, they should be held accountable, and the US Client company be fined for negligence and also possible willful oversight; plus Nityo should be sued for creating and maintaining a racist environment that made the client feel free to use such ghastly racist statements

∙   An investigation should be made into all H1-B contracting companies and the recruitment data be checked to reveal any inclinations to such racist marginalization

∙  An investigation should be made into all US Client companies that hire H1-B contractors to spot racist and terrorist inclined employees working at their locations

Seeing that several Rights based groups have picked up their discrimination case, the management at Nityo tried playing distracting games of words. Fearing the unavoidable consequences under the US Law, the email with the Nazi-like job description was recalled by the Nityo employee Priyanka, and a correction email was sent with a quick casual apology. When Nityo was contacted by ASPAIRE, the phone was hung up as soon as the email was mentioned. Then, a Director at Nityo, Ajay Gupta jumped on their social media page, and began a childish cover up by lying immediately about how their email system was hacked by some competitors and that the recruiter Priyanka Kumari was fired immediately. The cover up was a total nonsense – why would Nityo fire their employee for getting her email hacked by a competitor? Ajay Gupta and Nityo should be charged for lying and the cover up as well. And all such Ajay Guptas in all such Nityos across the US should be thoroughly investigated and punished by the severest laws of the land, and a total revamp has to be done in the H1B visa process. This will ensure the workplace in the US isn’t hacked by terrorists hell bent on burning India and the world with their heinous agenda.

God Bless America, Amen!


  1. exactlty 5 muslims lynched in india in last 6 years.

    is this genocide,

    more muslims killed by terror groups frequently in afghanistan, pakistan.

    why bangladeshi muslims, rohingyas comeing to india and not pakistan etc

    why indian muslims not leaveing for muslim countries.

    muslims in usa dont have to work for indian companies,

  2. They also treat Sikhs Worse thanmany minorities because RSS Goons don’t consider Sik Nation Separate but Low Cast Hindus or Shudras etc., did Sikh Nation’s Genocide.
    Sikh Nations’ persons are very well discriminated in all aspects including jobs.

  3. Please also include Sikhs, whom RSS Gonns don’t consider as a Separate Sikh Nation, besides, their Genocide, are also treated worst in all things including jobs.

    • rss does not figure as a terror organisation in the west.

      has not been convicted in india, or in the west

      hate invented by muslims- simply because it promotes hindu interests.- mainly culture.

      for the record- look at muslim organisations.

      in pakistan, jaish, in iraq- iss, across world iss, tailban,

      terror actions.

      before 2000- terror attacks on usa embassies in africa-

      attack on usa embassy in iran dureing islam revolution. usa has isolated iran totally.

      attack on wtc in nine elleven 2002- this lead to usa attack on afghanistan- taliban refused to deliver bin laden- caught hidein in pakistan and killed

      invasion on muslim kuwait by sadaam hussain- kuwait appealed to usa for help
      this started usa war on sadaam- who is widely admired in muslim world

      london train boming in 2005 by three muslims

      madrid train bombings

      killin about 300 australan tourists in bali

      killing 300 tourists in sri lanka last year by some muslims

      well there is islamophobia across west. no one in west knows about rss-


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