The last bastion falls, Adani Group acquires NDTV


By Muslim Mirror Desk

In a worrisome development for serious news watchers, the Adani Enterprises on Tuesday announced to indirectly buy a 29.18 percent stake in NDTV – perhaps the only news channel adhering to the principles of journalism – and launched an open offer for another 26% stake in the media house.
The group also issued a press release on the acquisition, calling it a “significant milestone” in the journey to “pave the path of new media across platforms”.

Speaking about the acquisition, Sanjay Pugalia, CEO and editor-in-chief Media Initiatives Adani Enterprises, said that the acquisition is a significant milestone in the journey of the Adani Media national Limited’s goal to pave the path of new age media, said Sanjay Pugalia, CEO of the Group’s media unit.
A press release issued to the media by the group stated: “Adani Media Network seeks to empower Indian citizens, consumers and those interested in India, with information and knowledge. With its leading position in news and its strong and diverse reach across genres and geographies, NDTV is the most suitable broadcast and digital platform to deliver on our vision. We look forward to strengthening NDTV’s leadership in news delivery.” ANML is 100% subsidiary of Adani Enterprises Limited.
AMNL or AMG Media Networks Limited is a wholly owned subsidiary of Adani Enterprises Limited and houses the media business of the Adani Group. VCPL, which was recently acquired by AMNL, is its wholly owned subsidiary.

NDTV is a leading media house, which operates three national news channels – NDTV 24×7, NDTV India and NDTV Profit. It also has strong online presence and remains one of the most followed news handles on social media with more than 35 million followers across various platforms.

Adani Group took a minority stake in local digital business news platform Quintillion in March this year.
Social media platforms are flooded with posts, mostly expressing their disappointment over the development. Many netizens are taking a swipe at the NDTV journalists, most of whom stand out different from the journalists of other news channels. Ravish Kumar and Srinivasan Jain, in particular, are on the target.

NDTV calls it ’baseless rumour’

However, NDTV has called this a “baseless rumour”. In a disclosure dated August 22 to the Bombay Stock Exchange, NDTV said “Radhika and Prannoy Roy are not in discussions now, nor have been, with any entity for a change in ownership or a divestment of their stake in NDTV.”


  1. Also publish the reaction of Pranav Roy who immediately shot a letter to SEBI that he is still the major share holder and as per rule he doesn’t allow this thing to happen without his consent. However, things may happen differently at the behest of the PMO.

  2. Ravish should be kicked out first. He is totally corrupt newsreader, biased, anti-national. Sold to Congress, AAP, SP and other nefarious anti India elements. A perpetual liar, who always talks anti government, anti-national issues. Viewership may increase of NDTV after his removal only. No news channel should appoint hom.

  3. An attack on bold and genuine news channel who were bringing the factual position to its listeners without fear or favour.nothing is ever goody goody the dark side must be brought out.

  4. It is a sad development. NDTV was the only worth watching cannel. Thr last nail has been nailed in the coffin of Indian journalism

  5. A journalist’s duty is to question the government and like any profession to be honest but what we witness the most of the channels and newspapers papers become lapdog of the current rigme run by virtually two persons. This trend in journalism doesn’t augur well for the survival of democracy.

    • NDTV should question the opposition parties but if you see historically they have never done this. This NDTV always comes in favour of goverment and bash the opposition (they supported congress also when they were in power) so your point won’t work here. This NDTV starts bashing anyone whoever doesn’t accept their communist+Islamist+Liberandu agenda

  6. Before 2014 he used to be the fan of the opposition of that time. Now he has turned to be a hated face. His detractors are the anti-nationals. Saffronites have never been desh premi. Sawarkar’s progeny can only be Godse incarnate.

  7. Nasim we like Godse and India is the country of saffron color and not green.So apply Burnol to all of the people who feels unhappy with the takeover.😁😁😁

  8. Ravish has now realized what a non-grata he is in the eyes of the community. He is Aamir khan of news channels and is generally boycotted. He should have tough time in projecting himself to be nation compliant as well.


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