Three important Muslim countries- Pakistan, Sudan and Palestine-in turmoil

Mourners gather around bodies of Palestinians who were killed in Israeli airstrikes, during their funeral at the Omari mosque in Gaza City, Tuesday, May 9, 2023. (AP Photo/Adel Hana)

By Latheef Farook

Three important Muslim countries, Sudan, Pakistan and occupied Palestine, were in turmoil due mainly to the interference of external forces.
Despite the so called Saudi sponsored fruitless peace talks, fighting continues unabated between the two rival militant factions in Sudan causing untold misery to the innocent people. The ongoing senseless destruction threaten to tear apart the country.
With no hope of any solution and unable to withstand the misery, hundreds of thousands of Sudanese of all walks of life continue to flee to neighboring countries only to face an unpredictable future.
In Sudan the fighting is between the armed forces- Sudanese de facto head of state General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan who has established close ties with Israel and the militant Rapid Support Force, RSF, chief Mohamed Hamdan Dagalo, supported by the United Arab Emirates.

Indications are that the fighting will continue and Sudan may be turned into another Syria, Iraq or Libya to suit the US-European-Israel and Arab dictator’s agenda to destroy Muslim countries one after the other. The ultimate target is to turn Middle East into a wasteland and Israel into a super power in the region and beyond.

In the case of Pakistan it was a struggle between the immensely popular elected Prime Minister Imran Khan and the government of Prime Minister Shehbas Sharif installed in power in a vote of no confidence where Imran Khan’s party members were bribed to vote against him and defeat his government.

According to reports it was an American supported conspiracy backed by the Army which once helped Imran Khan to come to power. In power western educated and one time cricket idol Imran Khan realized the destructive forces which controlled the destiny of Pakistan. This included the armed forces and the United States which was dictating and guiding Pakistan and thus deciding its destiny
However Prime Minister Imran Khan was keen to build up a country which could take care of itself rather than depending on the dictates of other countries. He wanted to align with forces which were beneficial to Pakistan and its people and not to serve the interest of foreign countries.

He was also keen that the army confine itself to the barrack and stop playing the role of king maker as it had been in Pakistan for long.
One should not forget that the army had been known for its corruption and its contribution for the breakup of Pakistan and the creation of Bangladesh more than half a century ago remains common knowledge. This threat is still alive as there are forces which would like to divide Pakistan further and made it weak,
In the midst he also realized that Pakistan being a leading Muslim country, despite economic and numerous other problems, need to join hands with other Muslim countries for common benefit. It was with this idea in mind that Imran Khan joined former Malaysian Prime Minister Dr Mahathir Mohamed and Turkey’s President Tayyib Erdogan to form a Muslim bloc.

This move sent shockwaves among United States, Britain Europe, Israel and their Arab collaborators. Thus he need to be removed, as elected Egyptian President Mohamed Morsy was overthrown, to serve their interests.

The result was a no confidence motion against Prime Minister Imran Khan when number of parliamentarians, according to reports, were bribed , to vote against Imran Khan and topple his government.

Once Imran Khan was removed Sheriff and Bhutto families, known for their corruption, were installed in power with the backing of the army which was party to the coup.
However there was widespread anger among the people who voted Imran Khan to power and always considered him as the prime minster and his government the legitimate one.

Ever since Imran Khan was removed , Prime Minister Sharif government, backed by the army, were doing everything possible to keep him out of politics and some even suspected of moves to eliminate him . Hundreds of cases were filed in courts and Imran Khan’s life was made miserable.

It was under such circumstance that he was kidnapped, detained and ill-treated when he appeared in the court. The result was the spontaneous violent uprising countrywide. With the situation deteriorating by the hour Supreme Court declared on 11 Thursday 2023 that his arrest was illegal and he should be freed,

Message was clear to army and the unelected government. The swift popular uprising also sent a clear message to the army that their era of being king maker is no more. A new democratic Pakistan is likely to emerge unless army declared martial law.

While Sudan and Pakistan were in turmoil, Israel, the artificial state created in Palestine for Jews brought in from all over began its latest bombing of Gaza strip roasting and toasting Palestinian men women, children and the aged, destroying houses and made many homeless alike besides destroying its infrastructure.

Palestinians in Gaza were the people driven out by Jewish terror groups after committing massacres and genocides of Palestinians to grab their lands to establish the state of Israel for Jews who did not even seen this land.

One such early massacres killing more than 250 Palestinians was Deir Yassin committed by terrorist Menachem Begin who later became Israel’s Prime Minister and awarded Nobel Prize showing the support Israel enjoys in United States and Europe.

When it comes to Israeli war crimes the United Nations whose resolution created this settler state become ineffective and the so called champions of freedom, democracy and human rights in US and Europe become active collaborators.

Dictators in the Middle East turn blind eyes giving complete freedom to Israel to slaughter Palestinians.
Palestinians are sons and daughters of Palestine and they are fighting for their inalienable rights to their own land. They are wholeheartedly supported by more than 300 million Arabs throughout the Middle East and North Africa, who remain helpless due to oppressive regimes.
This is the reason why Israel remains free to slaughter Palestinians.
Palestinian columnist Dr Ramzy Baroud said “Throughout its 75-year-old history, from its violent birth on the ruins of historic Palestine in May 1948, up to its latest war on besieged Gaza on May 9, Israel’s history has been associated with violence

After five days of latest relentless bombing , killing 35 Palestinian men, women, children and the aged, Israel and Islamic Jihad agreed to a ceasefire on Saturday May 13.



  1. If we see the world history, Christian countries once fought each other without any reason and later they realized and changed their strategy. Now Muslim countries and their leaders behind underdevelopment, poverty, and insecure era of today’s Muslim world. The realization phase among Muslim countries already started which is not digested by US&Co. Lets see what is going to happen ..

  2. Not really absolutely because lord does not want that but human corruption with their hypocrisy and conspiracy created but heaven for bid lord want that absolutely because he created all human beings equal with everything


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