UP-ATS arrests ‘Shyam Pratap Singh Gautam’ for ‘converting’ 1000 Hindus to Islam

Shyam Pratap Singh Gautam (son of Dhanraj Singh Gautam) was born in 1962. He converted to Islam 35 years ago and become Mohammad Umar Gautam.

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: Mohammad Umar Gautam (formerly Shyam Pratap Singh Gautam ) and a Muslim cleric Mufti Qazi Jahangir Qasmi have been arrested by the UP Police’s Anti-Terrorism Squad under the state’s draconian anti-conversion law.


Gautam embraced Islam under the influence of his Muslim friends while pursuing higher studies (BSc and MSc Agriculture) in Nainital in 1984, said police.

An FIR has been lodged at the Gomtinagar police station Lucknow, which says that the clerics were involved in the conversion of deaf children and women to Islam and more than 1,000 people had been converted so far.

“Both were arrested after interrogation. We have got important evidence, documents of foreign funding,” Uttar Pradesh ADG (Law and order) Prashant Kumar said at a press conference.

“The deaf and dumb son of a couple living in Kalyanpur, Kanpur, was converted and sent to South India. Thousands of such cases have come to light. The people were promised money and jobs in lieu of conversion,” he told reporters.

Hailing from a Rajpoot family of Fatahpur in UP,  Shyam Pratap Singh Gautam (son of Dhanraj Singh Gautam) was born in 1964. He converted to Islam in 1984 and become Mohammad Umar Gautam. He was living in Batla House from three decades.

Mr Guatam came close to Islam when he was a graduate student at a college in Nanital district in Uttarakhand. He  was impressed with his Muslim neighbour, Nasir Khan, while living at a hostel in Nanital. Khan helped him a lot when Gautam met with an incident. The duo used to have dialogues on Islam. He also studied Quran and other books on Islam and finally decided to embrace the religion.

Hundreds of Muslims have been arrested under the anti-conversion law. Several of them have been accused of love jihad, which is a conspiracy theory alleging that Muslim youths are running a jihadist mission to convert Hindu women by marrying them.

Scores of human rights groups and civil society organisations have raised strong concerns against the aforementioned law enacted by the Uttar Pradesh government.


  1. Those 1000 hindus should be reconverted back into Hinduism & government should make conversion law very strict. These people are not suitable to live in the modern world. They just know 3 things:
    1) Killing innocent animals
    2) Producing children like animals without bothering about their future &
    3) Spreading Love jihad, unethical conversion & terrorist activities

    • Sanjiv Naik

      Yogi one of 7 kids
      Modi one of 7 kids
      Advani one of 8 kids
      Togadia one of 9 kids
      P.V. Narasimha Rao one of 10 kids
      Balthackery one of 11 kids
      But Muslims produce too many children?

    • We have seen in Yogi raj
      1)Let cows,oxes went rampant destroying Cropsa griculture,accidents, on highways,dieing in gawshalas,scandles in budget in name of shelters for gawmatas.
      3)producing children human act.or else you are also animal. GOD IS BEST PLANNER. 60% population is youth, talk about employments jobs. IF don’t want to produce children Now modi govt has passed rule of HOMOSEXUL MARRAIGE is LEGAL you have extra option.
      3) your sure AndhBahkt,make GHAR WAPASI of PUPPET PARROTS ,Bjp spoke persons are son in laws of Bjp leaders,,e.g Abbas naqvi, Shah nawz,

    • In Yogi raj seen,
      1) Did not kill gaws what was result , in name of gaw raksha ,gaw shalas,scams, wild gawmata,and oxes(pitas) ran rampant in crop feilds, Highway accidents.
      2)IF do not want produce children, Bjp govt given OPTION of FOR HOMOSEXUAL MARRAIGES LEGAL.
      Muslims belive GODis best planner.50% population of India is youth unemployed where are jobs or industries.
      3) LOVE JIHAD; Make ghar wapasi of BJP leaders SON IN LAWS,eg Abbas naqvi, Shah nawaz, Alam,

    • You are not a secular Hindu at all. In fact you are not a Hindu at all coz all your views are identical to Hindutvadis’.

    • 🙄🙄 Was 1000 years not enough for you and your Allah ?? The Hindu who didn’t convert under the threat from the sword and even under the pressure from paying jizya to genocidal kings; you think they will convert now , in a free country with the 3rd largest economy(PPP) in the world ??
      Stop smoking weed and listening to Owaisi to all day.

    • Yes it’s but natural to worship the creator who is one and only one and Mohammed is the messenger of God. You can’t worship the created but The Creator of the universe.

      • It’s natural to realise ur oneness with Brahma. Not worship anyone. That’s why the world is adopting hindu practices like yoga and meditation.
        If not u, ur children will also. Worshipping a sky daddy to go to heaven is senseless

  2. I agree! In Islam – People are not permitted to convert without thier consent. If anyone is coercing individual to accept any religion I don’t think that qualifies. Perhaps the government does need to revise their conversion law . As per @secular Hindus comment about ‘these people’- that is an extremely racist and bigotry comment that has no place is the ‘Modern World’. I suggest to do some actual research, elevate your knowledge on Islam & even your own religion that denounces speaking ill of others especially when u don’t have facts. In the Modern world not only is Islam highly renowned & respected religion., but there is no killing implied torture of animals, No expectation to produce children like animals? (Also chk population in India as per demographics) & No acceptance of terror activity. As you must know of extremities in all religion and society. Racial remarks in today’s world?? Shows ignorance and hatred that is not tolerated, I’m certain even in India. Thanks.

    • No acceptance of terror ?? 😑😑🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ What about Wahhabism and Salafism, these two ideologies are knocking on India’s door as we speak. Why is it that most ISIS indian recruits were highly educated Keralite Muslims, not the lower middle class muslims of the nortyh and elsewhere ??

  3. they converted by their own wish no one has rights to arrest that man if those 1000 hindus want to reconvert they can no one forced them to…. simple!!!!

  4. Say same to yogi and others who are 6th child, and 80% eat animals and compare with lynching and gang murders who r those terrorists

  5. Please stop 🛑 wild baseless allegations of
    1. Killing innocent animals. We like everybody else kill for eating. It’s perfectly allowed by the world. You don’t want to eat don’t but u cannot force others.
    2. Producing children as animals. Muslim population has intact decreased. Your minds have dirty by constantly listening to false propaganda.
    3. Conversions is a false allegation if it was true then Muslims would be 90% in 1947 and not 6%. Stop 🛑 listening to Ghe Hindutva false news and propaganda. The only truth about Hindutva is they lie.

  6. It is a false allegation to say people convert to Islam for money and jobs. Thanks to govts policies for 74 years Muslims are rendered jobless and penniless, they can hardly afford to pay money for conversion. Any conversion takes place for the intrinsic beauty of Islam. I have interviewed Hindu and Christian converts to Islam one answer was common:
    . “One God and The Pristine personality
    . of Muhammad the messenger of God”.
    Sir this is why they embrace Islam not for any benefits. Coz being a Muslim is not easy to live in India or even abroad. They are subject to a lot of discrimination and denial of lots of benefits. You become a Muslim for a good hereafter and certainly not for this world.

    • These were deaf and dumb children and some poor women. And they were funded by ISI as revealed. BTW in Hinduism God isn’t the greatest thing to achieve. Nor does the practice of prayer and worshipping anyone exist in actual Hinduism. It started in the 14-15th centuries after muslims arrived.

  7. All hindutva false propaganda to achieve political gain. Islam is accepted as it is the best religion and way of life, which teaches equality and the best way to spend your life for the eternal life hereafer.

  8. Accepting the Truth and following the pure religion is the right of every astray and conversion is the first step. Sanghis must introspect..🤔✨😇

  9. Sir, in gulf so many Hindus are working, please check if ever any local has asked him to change his religion, since Hindus are employed by local Arabs they can easily persuade but please understand in Islam you cannot force Islam on anybody, this is first fundamental of Islam, when you will study Islam automatically there is attraction to understand.
    In Ramayan the story is Kaikai hatred to Ram, Gita is story of Mahabharata, brothers hatred kaurav vs Pandav, with various jatis , Sikh Buddhist jain Christian Indian population is confused, therefore Instead of making this issue people must give freedom to public what ever is their choice, government has important job of bringing investment progress, need new hospital, college jobs, foreign student have stop coming to India bcz our studies pattern has changed we are not working on right track, this chaiwala thinking will take us back

    • In Islam , it is hated toward every body. Non believers, Christians, Jews, Buddhists, women. Islam is full of hate and filth…One hv to be dumb to even read that s**t

      • After reading from original sources of lslam , I decided to convert to lslam . I have read lslam, there is no hate against anybody like Shudras or Achoots in Hinduism. Islam is the message for whole humanity. However lslam talks about spreading good message to all humanity and it is up to him if he accepts. Islam doesn’t talks to kill non-muslims or convert anybody by force . Regarding idol worship even Vedas speak against idol worship:– ” na tasya Pratima asti ” ( Yajurveda 32 : 3 ). I like lslam because there is no untouchablity , Sati , Draupdi , Khajuraho perverted porn temples , Devdasi ( religious prostitution in Hindu temples) , Aghori ( human meat eating sadhus ) , Naga Sadhu ( naked holymen ) , Agni-pariksha ( of Sita ) , washing of temples by Gau-mootr and Ganga Jal after entry of achoot person , Manusmriti code , filling Shudras and untouchable person ‘s ear with molten lead ( pighla seesa ) if Hindu mantras are heard by low caste person …and to cut the tongue of Shudras and untouchables if they utter from Hindu holy books or utter Hindu holy mantr .

  10. It is individuals choice to choose any religion. Government cannot force anyone stick to their
    Parental religion. It is individuals understanding and choice to choose the right religion. Government has got to do many other things. Every sole have to taste the death one day. One
    Should know what is the definition of God. God never dies, One who died can’t be god.
    So please don’t call the dead persons as God

  11. It is individuals choice to choose any religion. Government cannot force anyone stick to their
    Parental religion. It is individuals understanding and choice to choose the right religion. Government has got to do many other things. Every sole have to taste the death one day. One
    Should know what is the definition of God. God never dies, One who died can’t be god.
    So please don’t call the dead persons as God


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