‘US has no specified schedule to recognise Taliban govt’

Afghan Taliban Leaders

Washington/Kabul:  The US has no specified schedule to recognise the Taliban-led government in Afghanistan, said Thomas West, Washington’s special representative for Kabul.

He also emphasized that normalisation of relations between the Islamic Emirate and the world depends on the Taliban’s behaviour.


West made the remarks while speaking to BBC Pashto.

The top diplomat said that normalisation of ties between the US and the Taliban does not seem easy and that Washington has outlined preconditions in this regard, Khaama Press reported.

Respect for human and women’s rights, freedom of speech, education of women, and formalisation of the rights of minorities in Afghanistan are preconditions of the US to the Taliban.

The special representative said that the US will pay the salaries of Afghan teachers in collaboration with the International Society in case the Taliban reopen schools.

Regarding the frozen assets of Afghanistan, West said that a part of the money will be released for humanitarian purposes in Afghanistan but reiterated that it will not be given to the Taliban.

Afghanistan’s over $9.5 billion funds has been frozen by the US since the country fell to the Taliban in August last year.

Taliban officials meanwhile, have said they want good relations with the world while claiming to have fulfilled the promises made to the world for recognition.

“The Islamic Emirate has hopes from the international community which have several aspects, particularly that the US, European Union and other organisations take a position that is understandable and engage in a new phase of engagement in Afghanistan,” said Taliban spokesman Inamullah Samangani.–IANS


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