US lawmakers introduce bill to combat global Islamophobia; clubs India with China, Myanmar


Washington:  A group of over 30 American lawmakers led by Congresswoman Ilhan Omar has introduced a bill in the House of Representatives against growing incidents of Islamophobia worldwide.

The bill urges the State Department to include state-sponsored Islamophobic violence and impunity in its annual human rights reports.


The creation of the Special Envoy will help policymakers better understand the interconnected, global problem of anti-Muslim bigotry, the group of over 30 lawmakers said.

It will also establish a comprehensive strategy for establishing US leadership in combating Islamophobia worldwide.

Proponents of the bill, which requires the State Department to create a Special Envoy for monitoring and combating Islamophobia, have put India in the category of China and Myanmar for alleged atrocities against Muslims.

The Ministry of External Affairs in the past has asserted that India is proud of its secular credentials, its status as the largest democracy and pluralistic society with a longstanding commitment to tolerance and inclusion.

The Indian Constitution guarantees fundamental rights to all its citizens, including its minority communities, it has said.

It is widely acknowledged that India is a vibrant democracy where the Constitution protects religious freedom, and where democratic governance and the rule of law further promote and protect fundamental rights, the MEA has maintained.

Congresswoman Omar said, “We are seeing a rise in Islamophobia in nearly every corner of the globe.”

A press statement issued by her office said that there has been a staggering rise in incidents of violent Islamophobia.

Whether it is the atrocities being committed against the Uyghurs in China and the Rohingya in Burma (Myanmar), the crackdowns on Muslim populations in India and Sri Lanka, the scapegoating of Muslim refugees and other Muslims in Hungary and Poland, the acts of white supremacist violence targeting Muslims in New Zealand and Canada, or the targeting of minority Muslim communities in Muslim-majority countries like Pakistan, Bahrain and Iran, the problem of Islamophobia is global in scope, it said.

The Combating International Islamophobia Act is endorsed by several organisations including the American Muslim Empowerment Network (AMEN), the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) and the South Asian Americans Leading Together (SAALT).

For over a decade, we have seen increasing incidents of violent Islamophobia both in the US and worldwide from the genocide of the Rohingya in Burma (Myanmar) and Uyghurs in China to the attacks on Muslim refugees in Canada and New Zealand, said Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky.

Nihad Awad from CAIR said that while global Islamophobia, anti-Muslim state policies and hate incidents have increased for the past two decades, the American Muslim community has consistently called for the creation of a special envoy position to monitor and combat this rising tide of hate.

Our nation needs better tools to combat Islamophobic state policies and violence in countries like China, India, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, the European Union and elsewhere, he said.

Global Islamophobia is not only a threat to the safety and security of Muslims here and abroad, it is also a threat to international religious freedom and democratic principles.

CAIR is calling on congressional leadership and the Biden-Harris administration to support the Combating International Islamophobia Act and make this special envoy position a reality,” Awad added. Source : PTI


  1. Only Islamophobia ??
    No mention of anti semitism, hindusmia and anti-kurd activities ??
    It would be have been reasonable to simply say pro-minority rights law.
    But the pivot of Islamophobia is well worn and the world has seen its hypocrisy and two face nature.

  2. Mark Zukerberg has said this many times he will protect the interest of Muslims. This itself is strange cause why then he never spoke for Jews or Hindus or other religious groups who are also targets of hatred on media. we already know this this is not new thing. He has commented to protect muslim interest a million times. Has he ever talked about protecting Jewish or Hindu interest then why only muslim interest is important for him cause he is funded by muslims groups. Rich people from Saudi and Qatar are investing heavily in American and European Media companies and Infrastructure companies.

    Meanwhile the moment you complain about anti hindu hate groups on facebook or twitter you will get blocked for posting against hindu hatred. I even got blocked for reacting against communists and congress party of India, and the block was within seconds sometimes which shoes that they are organized groups and almost linked. I have said this earlier what are the linked groups. I believe Congress party of India and Pakistan Army and the British and Americans are actually one network of Rich people.

    With the new facebook policy it has basically given organized gangs (political parties with vested interests) to attack hindus, RSS and Modi. Where as as individuals we will be blocked if we post more then 5 times. But there is no limits for those organized mafia groups.

    Observation no 1 How USA univerities are being funded by Chinese and Arabs with the blessings of Democrat Party, leaders like Hilary Clinton are at the heart of this conspiracy :

    Go to any university in the USA, UK, Even EU or Canada there will be a South East Asia history and political department with western and Indian professors employed there to write negative report/ publications about Hinduism, RSS, BJP , Modi. This is non stop publications for last 75 years.

    Once these publications are ready these stories are printed in a network of leading 1 million news paper and media around the world which is actually one big media mafia controlled from USA. Money is being funded by Al Qaeda, ISIS, Muslim Brotherhood. Even Evangelist christian groups fund these professors.
    I can provide examples with names 1000 such media outlets. There is not a single university in the west where this is not happening. In many cases Indian students are hired as associate professors to write these publications. This is happening for last 75 years. Many dalits, hindus, muslims, christians write hindu hate publications cause there is lot of money in this business.

    All the anti hindu propaganda websites are concentrated in california this is my observation. Even in the schools in California the curriculum use to be anti Hindu but recently Hindus living there took the state to court and since then they have made some changes but still there are many things objectionable even today. Hindus use to be pictured in the school curriculum as some evil people just like the americans at one stage demonized the red indians.

    Paid propaganda and paid Journalism, paid activism then takes another level using facebook and twitter to make it viral.
    Khalistanis and Hindu haters get incentives to run websites of khalistani sympathizers like pieter friedrich., muslim advocate CJ Werleman. Once they publish their story the members of the communist groups make this viral by the million posts on facebook and whatsapp this is how they spread organized fake stories against Modi, RSS, BJP.

    The reality is there is more Hinduphobia in USA then Islamaphobia and we know what are the reasons behind this.

    Non Stop Hinduphobia in USA academia and media

    USA academia, social media, bigtech and media being funded and bribed by china, turkey, saudi, qatar, pakistan uae to spew hinduphobia


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