US researcher calls for withdrawal of mRNA Covid-19 vaccine as it may cause cardiac deaths


By Web Desk

Louisiana-based clinical scientist and emergency physician Joseph Fraiman contends that the messenger RNA COVID-19 vaccine increases serious adverse events in people, including sudden cardiac deaths.

Fraiman, a lead author of the peer-reviewed study that re-analyzed Pfizer & Moderna trials for the mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, is heard saying in a video that has surfaced online, “We found the vaccine increases serious adverse events at a rate of one in 800. At the time of the publication, my co-authors and I did not believe our single study warranted the withdrawal of mRNA vaccines from the market. However, since its publication, new pieces of evidence have come to light and this has caused me to reevaluate my position.”

In a different tweet, he mentioned that the Pfizer Covid vaccine raises the risk of lung blood clots by 50%, according to surveillance data published by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Fraiman added that his group had conducted numerous autopsy studies that offer “essential conclusive evidence” that vaccines cause sudden cardiac death.

“Schwab et al. study examined vaccine-induced myocarditis deaths, of 35 autopsies 20 days from vaccine, 5 likely or possibly vaccine myocarditis but another 8 deaths, under 65 no pre-existing conditions, total 13 (37 per cent) possibly vaccine-induced deaths, needs further investigations,” he tweeted.


  1. This is a dangerous advancement of a shocking narrative by Sharia fanatics and given publicity by MM. Just two days ago, Dr. Celine Gounder, a prominent Epidemiologist, published a guest essay in The New York Times silencing this group of fanatics and faux scientists. In the interest of promoting true discussion on this topic, MM must reprint that essay.


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