US should do more on Afghan refugees after pullout: Erdogan

Racep Tayyip Erdogan

NEW YORK:  Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said the US should do more regarding a further influx of refugees in the wake of the refugee crisis that followed the American withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Erdogan told CBS News that “right now” the US has failed to meet its obligations on Afghanistan.

“We have more than 300,000 Afghan refugees, and we will no longer be able to afford to welcome any more Afghan refugees in Turkey,” he said in the interview that will be aired Sunday.

Asked if the US needs to do more, Erdogan responds: “Of course, the United States should do a lot, and should invest a lot.

“Because, the United States has been there for the last 20 years but why is there first? These questions should be answered by the United States,” he added.

Erdogan said last month that Turkey will not be a refugee warehouse of any country and will reinforce borders against an influx of refugees.-AA



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