Uttarakhand: Five mosques in Haridwar fined for giving “loud” Azaan on loudspeakers


By Muslim Mirror

In Haridwar, the administration has fined seven mosques 35 thousand rupees for causing “noise pollution with loudspeakers.” SDM Puran Singh Rana has taken this course of action.


Under certain conditions, the Nainital High Court and government directives permitted loudspeaker installation in mosques.

According to reports, seven mosques played louder than usual on their loudspeakers.

On the basis of the Sadar Pathri Police Station and Roorkee Pollution Control Board’s investigation reports, notices were published. Action has been taken to levy a fine of 5,000 Rupees on each mosque if the notice is not answered satisfactorily. When requesting authorization to install loudspeakers, instructions have been issued to pay fines.

According to SDM Puran Singh Rana, Jamshed Ali of Kartarpur Alipur Jama Masjid, Ghulam Nabi Gurjar Basti of Gujar Basti Pathri, all of which are situated in the Ibadullah Hatla (Kickerwalli) Mosque, Bilal Masjid, and the Village Near Dhanpura Masjid. Town of Nasirpur Kala Narpur Kala Islam Masjid Village Narpur Kala Ibrahim Narpur Kala Residents of Jama Masjid in Dhanpura and Jhanda Chowk, Zulfiqar Ali Pratara Ghosipura, Haridwar, Muhammad Mohib Village Masjid Bilal Gappura Village of Muhammad Usman Muslim Usman While Sharafat Ali, an Ikkad Khurd resident, Jami Masjid Ikkad Khurd, Mubarak Ali, Talib Hasan, and Muhammad have all received warnings, a resident of Gappora was fined.


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