‘We are not political tourists’, Priyanka Gandhi hits back at BJP


LUCKNOW:  Congress general secretary Priyanka Gandhi Vadra slammed the BJP on Sunday, over its statement that she was a ‘political tourist’.

“I am not a political tourist. I have been regularly coming to UP. This is BJP’s propaganda to show me and my brother Rahul as non-serious politicians and we are not going to be cowed down by it,” she said.

In an informal interaction with media persons, Priyanka said that the BJP repeatedly wanted to create a narrative about she and Rahul not being serious politicians.

“They (BJP) have created a perception that I have been away from UP since the past one and a half year whereas the fact remains that I have been regularly attending kisan panchayat and other programmes,” she said.

Asked about the future of the Congress in UP in view of the upcoming elections, she said, “I admit that our organisation is weak compared to other parties. We have been out of power here for 32 years. But we are working on building up the organisation and the journey is long. I am personally working 24X7 with all district units.”

About the possibility of the Congress forging an alliance or going it alone in the next assembly elections, Priyanka said, “We are not close minded on the issue. It is too early to say anything about this but we will take a decision that is not detrimental to the interests of the organisation or the party.”

Priyanka, who is on the third day of her visit to Lucknow, said she has been trying to meet maximum number of party workers and groups. “My WhatsApp number is with everyone and it is wrong to say that I am not accessible,” she said. — IANS


  1. First, try to win back Amethi seat for your man-child brother. Looks like even bar dancer’s seat in Rae Bareli will be gone come 2024 🤣🤣. The days of Indians voting for fake and elitist people saying that Ram doesn’t exist and that saffron terror is a bigger threat that even Jihadi groups are over. Even u had to tweet Jai Siya Ram on 5 Aug 2020, bcs u knew in part where the nation’s mood was. No one is waiting for your psuedo-secular minorityism style of politics where Hindus were demonised and treated as second class citizens.

    • Katter goo, the IT cell chammar trolling with his usual failed BJPee talking points while the BJP sinks India deeper into the fascist sh1thole of stinkular Hindu majoritarianism of extremism, terrorism, backwardness and filth with nothing to show for themselves but mobile the monkey worshipping masses of low IQ idiots on false promises. Congress is trash but the BJP, RSS are cancer.


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