‘When will you kill Muslims and Christians?’ monk asks Hindus in the heart of Delhi


On Sunday, Hindutva groups held events at Delhi’s Jantar Mantar where calls for the murder of Muslims and Christians were made.

One of the videos, which has received a lot of social media attention, shows a monk pleading with Hindus to arm themselves with weapons so they can kill Muslims and Christians.

A saffron-clad man said: “The British said divide and rule, the Congress said divide and rule, Christians said so, Muslims said slay and rule… When will you [Hindus] kill and slay? after each of you has passed away? When are you going to murder them? When will you execute Muslims and Christians?”

Then he advised Hindus to keep weapons in their homes, including swords and guns.

“Keep your weapons (shastra) in one hand and your religious texts (shaastra) in the other, Anyone who criticises our religion, our community, or our mothers and sisters should be shot at the border or killed on the streets after being found guilty of sedition,” he said.

A different video shows Suraj Pal Amu, a leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party, urging violence against “those who have formed a lobby to stop” Sudarshan TV Editor-in-Chief Suresh Chavhanke.

Amu, the Karni Sena’s leader and the BJP’s Haryana unit’s media coordinator, delivered inflammatory remarks at a separate event for which Chavhanke supporters were present.

Currently under investigation is the editor-in-chief of Sudarshan TV for remarks he made at a Hindu Yuva Vahini event in Delhi on December 19, 2021. In order to transform India into a “Hindu Rashtra,” or a Hindu nation, he had sworn an oath to a group of people, commanding them to “die for and kill.”

On Sunday, Amu issued a violent threat against those who oppose Chavhanke and the notion of a Hindu nation.

The BJP leader questioned those in attendance, “Would you allow someone to touch Suresh Chavhanke?” “Could you spare those that irritate him? If they prevent us from making Hindu Rashtra, would you spare them? Will you not give them a lesson?”



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