Why ‘colonial era’ sedition law necessary after 75 years of independence, SC asks Centre


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: Expressed its concern over ”misuse” of the sedition law, the Supreme Court on Thursday asked the BJP-led federal government as to why this ”colonial-era” law is necessary after 75 years of independence.

“This dispute about law is concerned, its colonial law, it was meant to suppress the freedom movement, the same law was used by British to silence Mahatma Gandhi, Tilak etc. Still is it necessary after 75 years of Independence?” LiveLaw quoted CJI Ramana as having said.

A bench headed by Chief Justice N.V, Ramana sought the response of the Centre on pleas including the one filed by the Editors Guild of India challenging the validity of the provision.

He further highlighted the negative impact of the continuation of the law.

“The enormous power of this section can be compared to a carpenter being given a saw to make an item, [and who] uses it to cut the entire forest instead of a tree. That’s the effect of this provision,” the CJI also said.

He added that executive agencies involved in misuse of the sedition law go scot-free. “Unfortunately, the executing agency and particularly the authorities misuse it. Take example of 66A which was struck down but people were arrested. There is misuse of these provisions, but there is no accountability,” he said.



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