“Why don’t you call me Hindu?,” asks Kerala governor Arif Mohammed Khan

Arif Mohammad Khan

Kerala Governor Arif Mohammed Khan said on Saturday that everyone born in India should be referred to as a Hindu, and that he, too, should be referred to as a Hindu.

“You must call me a Hindu… It was perfectly fine to use terminologies like Hindu, Muslim and Sikh during the colonial era because the Britishers had made the communities as the basis for deciding even the ordinary rights of citizens,” Khan was quoted as saying by ANI.


According to Khan, the founder of the Aligarh Muslim University, Sir Syed Ahmed Khan, urged people to refer to him as a “Hindu”. He made these remarks while speaking at the opening of the Hindu conclave hosted by the Kerala Hindus of North America in Thiruvananthapuram.

“Sir Syed Ahmed Khan once said that I do not think Hindu is a religious term, it is a geographical term. Anyone who is born in India, eats food grown in India or drinks water from Indian rivers deserves to be called a Hindu,” said Khan.

He asserted that there has been a state-wide plot to give the impression that it is improper to declare one’s ethnicity as Hindu.

In the nation’s “Sanatana Dharma,” he asserted, all religious groups are on an equal footing.


  1. RSS/ Hindutvawadi’s rhetorics of depicting all Indians as Hindu.:
    Mohan Bhagwat as well as people like Arif Khan ( I consciously avoid affixing Mohammad with his name) and all Hindutvawadis are maladroit in proving a diabolically and lousy concept that all the inhabitants of India are Hindu.
    Ruefully these Hindutva protagonists do not know the basic verbiage of Hindi/ Urdu/ Hindustani. According to similitude and verbal style of our country’s language in Hindi/ Hindustani, it is denoted with “ii” or “ee” not with “uu”. The inhabitants of America are “Amriki”, in Hindi/ Hindustani/ Urdu not “Amriku”. Similarly Iranians in Hindi or Hindustani/ Urdu are called Irani, not “Iranu”. Corresponding to it even the residents of Bengal are Bengalee , definitely not Bengalu. Gujratis are Gujrati not Gujratu.
    Likewise we Indians , the inhabitants of Hind/ Hindustan of sure are signified as “ Hindi” or “Hindustani” , in Indian languages and certainly not as “Hindu” (or “Hindustanu”) as proclaimed and falsified by Hindutva protagonists including I’ll informed Arif Khan.
    As such the inhabitants of India/ Hindustan are actually Hindi / Hindustani or Bharati as per the gramatics but certainly not Hindu or Hindustanu or Bharatu.

    From this fact it is clear as how the Hindutva elements including some Muslims in RSS camp and RSS supremo Shri Mohan Bhagwat rhetorically taking an abortive attempt to twist even the basic grammar of Hindi/ Hindustani/ Urdu or otherwise they are bereft of understanding the basic manner of expression of Hindi/Hindustani/ Urdu languages.
    It is unfortunate that such people of poor intellects are at the helms of affair of our lovely country.

    Imteyaz Husain


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