Why the followers of Hindutva support Zionist Israel


By Aamir Raza

India’s Hindu Nationalist have a huge admiration for Israel. Last Month of May when Israeli forces brutally led the crackdown in AL Aqsa Mosque compound Islam’s third holiest site , followers of Hindutva Including the members of ruling BJP in India has enthusiastically supported the Israel on Social Media by trending # tags such as #IndiaStandsWithIsrael #IStandWithIsrael #israeliLivesMatter. Tejasvi Surya a BJP parliamentarian known for his anti-Muslim rhetoric, wrote on twitter: “We are with you. Stay strong, Israel.”

The Idolization of Zionism by the Followers of the Hindutva is deep rooted in its Political ideology laced with supremacism, exclusivism and most importantly anti-Muslim hatred. Both Hindutva and Zionism espouse Ethnic Nationalism which aims to define citizenship and belonging in the procrustean terms of ancient past ,culture and race with having a “holy” geographical entity. The idea of “Akhand Bharat” is similar to the idea of “Greater Israel” propounded by Theodor Herzel. Based on religious identity, both require the cleansing of Muslims to reach their desired utopia.

The Zionist concept of nation had been also encapsulated in the political philosophy of Hindutva. Much before the creation of Israel ,Savarkar a staunch ideologue of Hindutva in his book Hindutva concluded that a common nation (rashtra), a common race (jati) and a common culture or civilization (sanskriti) were the three essential element of Hindutva.He also examined the origin of the words ‘India’ and ‘Hindu’, and declared that ‘Indian’ means ‘Hindu’. Muslims and Christians, by virtue of being non-Hindus, cannot, as per his definition, be authentic Indian. He was the first Hindutva ideologue who explicitly supported Zionist movement and wrote in his book Hindutva : “… no people in the world can more justly claim to get recognized as a racial unit than the Hindus and perhaps the Jews and in same book he further wrote “Look at the Jews; neither centuries of prosperity nor sense of gratitude for the shelter they found, can make them more attached or even equally attached to the several countries they inhabit. Their love is, and must necessarily be divided between the land of their birth and the land of their Prophets. If the Zionists’ dreams are ever realized – if Palestine becomes a Jewish State and it will gladden us almost as much as our Jewish friends – they, like the Mohammedans, would naturally set the interests of their Holy land above those of their Motherland in America and Europe…”

The common force uniting Hindutva and Zionism is their shared understanding of the nation and the treatment of minorities While Zionism sought to violently exclude the Palestinian, Hindutva proposed to reduce the Muslim in a subordinated position to the Hindu polity. Both aims to reclaim the imagined lost civilization by cleansing of the people which it considered as impure and invader.
Writing in the 1939 text We or Our Nationhood Defined, Golwalkar stated:

“India is therefore pre-eminently a Hindu nation, Hindusthan… the non-Hindu people in Hindusthan must either adopt the Hindu culture and language… must cease to be foreigners or may stay in the country wholly subordinated to the Hindu nation, claiming nothing… not even the citizen’s rights. ”He too, borrow his political thought heavily from Zionist and Judaic exhortations and blamed “intrusion of Islam” for the loss of Jewish culture and traditions in Palestine and held that the Jews had “maintained their race, religion, culture and language” in exile and all that was needed to complete their “nationality” was a “natural territory”.

Land has become central focus in the politics of Hindutva and Zionism which is clearly visible from the brutal occupation Of Palestine and Kashmir. Jewish settlement model in Palestine has amplified the imagination of Hindutva Fanatic which is why the BJP-led Union government is emulating Israeli methods in Kashmir. Government has tremendously changed the character of land Acquisition policy and the nature of property ownership since the abrogation and the removal of Article 370 and 35 which will eventually dilute the concentration of Muslim population in the region and makes easier for outsider to purchase the land in Kashmir. The enforced demographic change in kashmir is a replication of Israel’s settler-colonial policies in the occupied West Bank, where majoritarian forces have built illegal colonies and commercial spaces, with having heavy military presence to carry out change in the socio- political landscape in larger ideological framework of ‘Akhand Bharat’

The ultimate aim of Ruling BJP and its parent organization RSS is to transform the India into an ethno-religious state according special rights and privileges to Hindus within a multi-tier system of citizenship. The model state that they aspire to replicate is Israel. In line with their ideological affinity to Zionism, the BJP Passed discrimantory Citizenship Amendment Act in 2019 to institute a policy similar to Israel’s Law of Return, which would grant Indian citizenship to Hindus from neighboring countries depriving Muslims for same and with proposed Countrywide NRC proof of belonging to India now lies on the shoulder of Muslims.

According to late Palestinian academic Edward “Zionism initially portrayed itself as a movement bringing civilization to a barbaric and/or empty locale. The Arabs were seen as synonymous with everything degraded, fearsome, irrational, and brutal…” Hence while the Law of Return permits Jews to ‘return’ to Israel, no similar right is afforded to the millions of displaced Palestinians. By making religion a main criteria of Indian citizenship, the CAA has a devastating purpose: of Israelizing the India

The follower of Hindutva revered Israel like a lodestar for its ability in humiliating and defeating the Muslims. The parallel universe of both the ideologies justifies brutal Military occupation, Settler colonialism and Apartheid and are deeply convergent with each other in their structural framework ,ideas and in course of action.


  1. Can a muslim give me logical answer to these basic questions?
    1) If there are 52 Islamic countries exist in the world, why can’t we have 1 Hindu & 1 Jews country?
    2) In Islamic countries, non-muslims don’t have equals rights like muslims then what is the moral right a muslims have to raise voice against Hindutva ideology that considers muslims as 2nd class citizens?
    3) If Al-Aqua mosque is the 3rd holy place for muslims but Third temple is the 1st holy place for Jews then which religion owns that land? Logical answer is of course Jews. Muslims so far have played all unethical practices to stop propagation of other religions. You never supported building of Ram Mandir & doing same for Third temple as well.

    • @”Secular Hindu” aka RSS Hindu gutter whatsapp rat,

      Why do keep repeating the same lies which are refuted over and over again? You are a retarded or high cow sh1t. You must be desperate to hit your trolling quota for Rs2 per comment per day. Zionist Jews don’t like you or want your support, they look at you as pagan scum, which is accurate. Stupid hate filled sanghi bhangi extremist bastards neither know history or current facts.

      1) Regardless of the number of Islamic states, terrorist Jews have no right to Palestine or its land. Hindus can’t have a state which violates the Indian constitution. Hindu extremists and terrorists don’t believe in the Indian constitution and rule of law, in fact Hindus are anti-nationals who traitors. If you love the Zionist Jews so much, invite them into your Hindu rashtra sh1thole. The only reason you lick their shoes is because of hatred for Muslims.

      2) Lying again like you always do. Non-Muslims are treated well, and far better then minorities in India are. The rights of Indian Muslims are guaranteed by the Indian constitution , and not any other country. Maybe what’s needed to make you understand is having all Hindus kicked out of Muslim countries for permanent ghar wapsi back to India. I bet you would love that.

      3) Muslims guaranteed Jewish and Christian right to worship throughout the centuries of peaceful existence. Tolerance is a foreign concept to Hindu and their backward filthy superstitious nonsense. No Muslim will NEVER support a Ram temple built on our masjids by Hindu terrorists. In fact what needs to be done is all Hindu temples in Muslim countries should be demolished and turned into toilets. I have a Hindu temple in my house, its called a toilet seat. Why should we tolerate murderous Nazi Hindu extremists and your filth in our countries?

      The reality is India will never progress as long as the evil wicked backward superstitious Brahmin phalus worshipping pagan cult of Hinduism. Muslims made India great, Hindus turned it into a fascist sh1thole. Hindus are unethical criminal minded rats who have no humanity in their evil hearts. Abolishing this evil pagan cult will free India from the chains of Hinduism. You are cancer, Islam is the chemotherapy.

      • @Mr. Black
        1) Indian constitution has been prepared by Hindus only. Pakistan made their constitution Islamic but Hindus made it secular. It clearly confirms who is extremists. Regarding Israel, jews have not captured Palestine land because it is originally place of Jews only. They were expelled by Muslims & Christines. Hence, jews have full ownership of Jerusalem.
        2) In islamic country, non-muslims cannot build their religious places & cannot propagate their religion. Also, non-muslim women are forced to wear hijab. Even non-muslim marriages are not recognized by Islamic constitution. Again, forceful conversion, abducting non-muslim women is very common. In India, muslims can build mosques, they can wear they wish, they can hold highest places like CJI, President etc. Unfortunately, Islamic counntries by constitution does not allow non-muslims to hold higher position.
        3) Ayodhya, Kashi & Mathura are holy places of Hindus. If there cannot be temple in Macca, Madina then why muslims constructed mosques at our holy places? Muslims have committed the sin of destroying Hindus holy places & hence Allah is punishing you.
        If you see now OIC is an organization of Islamic beggers & they beg for loans all over the world.

        • @secular Hindu aka lying Hindu gutter rat,

          You’re just repeating yourself like the impotent monkey worshipper that you are. Lying as usual for the desperate frustrated Hindu gutter rat that you are. Let me correct you again whatsapp university dropout and cow sh1t eating retarded sadak chaap. Go learn some basic English before posting like a retarded 4 year old who can barely string words together,

          1) Indian constitution is for all Indians regardless of religion. Low IQ illiterate Hindu animals like you have never read it. Hindus are anti-national traitors who don’t believe in secularism, wanting a fascist Hindu rashtra sh1thole dictatorship.

          2) Jews were never expelled by Muslims, the land belonged to the Canaanites, the ancestors of the Palestinians before the presence of Jews, how far do you want to go back, you illiterate Hindu liar? Jews have lived peacefully with Muslims for over a 1000 years before 1948. Jews have no right to an inch of Jerusalem. If they break all international laws by force, then we can do the same back to them. Might doesn’t make right. Besides even the israelis who you Hindu dogs love so much hate your smelly pagan guts.

          3) Muslims have unmatched record of tolerance so you repasting the lies of the RSS BJP Hindu propaganda doesnt change a thing. If we wanted we could have wiped out all you cow worshippers long ago but didn’t. You exist only because of the tolerance from Muslims. Muslim countries are all tolerant of other religions which is why so many of their churches and temples are intact…compare that to the Hindu sh1tholes of India full of filthy animalistic Hindu extremists and terrorists who murder innocent Muslims daily with mob lynching and other acts of Hindu terrorism.

          4) Hindus don’t have any holy places, they are just worthless places where your brainwashed cult practice your backward superstitious paganism. Most of you lousy low class Hindu idiots haven’t even read your own retarded books, your entire identity is fake, even the name Hindu is an Arabic Persian word. You should be thankful for bringing civilization to your primitive smelly savages. There is no reason for temples in Mecca as it is a pure place with no Hindus or their filth around. Muslims have not constructed homes on your temples either… But what needs to be done NOW is the destruction of all Hindu temples in Muslim countries with all Hindus deported back to India for permanent ghar wapsi…. niklo ungrateful scum

          5) Finally, YOU Hindus are the beggars who rent your mothers and sisters to make enough money to travel and clean toilets in many Muslim countries. Why? Because your have nothing, no jobs, no future in India. You don’t even have medicine to save yourselves from Covid. You hate Muslims yet want to work in our countries like desperate dogs. India has more poor people then the entire African continent, why? More then half of India sh1ts outdoors in the open. Why? Why are you Hindus begging for oxygen from so many Muslim countries? Why? Because Hinduism is n intolerant gutter religion, an evil wicked superstitious Brahmin cult of inhumanity inequality and filth.

          You Hindus are haram khor dogs who bites the hand that feeds you. This is why no human being has sympathy for you rat worshipping scum. Covid is a blessing, and it makes me very happy to see more and more Hindu extremists and terrorists die like dogs everyday. They will not be missed. You are fit only to clean our toilets like the RSS bhikari Hindu bhangis that you are.

          • @Black,
            After reading your language, I think you should immediately get admitted to mental hospital.

          • @secular hindu aka defeated Hindu sanghi bhangi,

            Don’t make me laugh you hypocrite….you RSS scum support the marginalization and murder of Muslims and are complaining about my language now? LOL!!!! Only an idiot would expect me to be nice to Hindu extremists. No facts, no figures, just your weak lies being rubbished. Since Hindu extremists are idiotic low IQ langoors, it would be in the best interest that you are all aborted before polluting the world any further with your filth. Sterilization of your kind will save India from Hindu terrorists.

    • Stop wasting ur time on this site, no person wil reply a point to point rebuttal of anything you say. At the most, they will call you names such as gutter rat, chaddi, urine drinker etc. One thing I realised after some time on this site is that common sense is not so common, not a lot of people have it here.

      • @asli musalman aka asli Hindu harami pretender,

        Still pretending to be a Muslim, desperate goo bhakt? We will treat you as you treat us. Hindu sanghi bhangis, cow piss drinkers, gutter rats, primitive monkey worshippers, Hindu extremists and terrorists will be treated for the scum that you lot all are. We crush your lies daily and your desperate trolling reminds us how scared you are are of truth. Modi monkeys come to this site to be beaten with facts.

        Run back to your whatsapp group of Hindu turds now. Chal nikal bhikari

    • Stop wasting ur time on this site, no person wil reply a point to point rebuttal of anything you say. At the most, they will call you names such as gutter rat, chaddi, urine drinker etc. One thing I realised after some time on this site is that common sense is not so common, not a lot of people have it here.

  2. Stop crying about India and Israel. They have this level of clout and influence purely because of power and prosperity. It’s hard to believe that muslims who look at the world purely through a muslim lens become enraged and cry about human rights and secularism when someone else does the same. Muslims need to understand that if they can assert their religion, so can everyone else. People are secular only if you are secular, if you play the muslim card, everyone else will play the Hindu/Christian/Jew/Sikh/Jain card.

    • @”Zionist Jew” aka Hindu begger

      Oh look… another Hindu monkey worshipper pretending to be a Zionist Jew…LOL!!! Stop lying you illiterate retarded goo bhakt. Your broken English reveals who you are hahahahahaha!

      Israel has no real economy, it’s entire existence has been bankrolled by the West, particularly the USA. Israel cannot survive a day without American cash…this is a well known fact. Israeli can only kill innocent people but got its ass kicked in 2006. Learn some history, Modi monkeys.

      India is a third world country which has nothing to show for itself but lies and false bravado. What prosperity are you dreaming about fool? You have more poverty in India then in Africa. Any India who can leave India does so because there are no jobs. You Hindus are renting your mothers and selling your kidneys to get a work visa to move to Muslim countries to clean our toilets.
      An entire country reeling, people dying like flies, practically zero health infrastructure left to cope with the Covid, rampant profiteering in drugs and oxygen, a haphazard and confused vaccination policy that’s resulted in people queuing up for hours for a jab. What a joke.

      Finally the Israelis hate Hindus, looking at you as dirty pagans…telling you they don’t want your support. This is how slavish Hindus are…licking the boots of White Nazis and Zionist Jews at the same time, The only card you Hindus donkeys always play is your hatred of Muslims, and even then no one like you primitive beggars. Too funny

    • You are Sanghi RSS . Now you people have started changing your father as Jews . But , let me tell you that both Jews and Muslims ( like Christians also ) pray same God ( Allah ) — the God of Abraham ( lbrahim) , Moses ( Moosa ) , David ( Dalwood) , Joseph ( Yusuf) , Jacob ( Yaqoob ) , Noha ( Nuh ) , Jesus ( Eisa ) , Jonah ( Yunus) , Adam ( Aadam) , Muhammad ( Mehmet) as mentioned in the Holy Quran , the Holy Bible ( injeel ) , the Holy Torah ( Torait ) . You have no right to poke your nose in matters of internal socio-political disputes of the sons of Abraham ( Jews , Muslims & Christians). The word “Allah ” is arabic word for all the monotheistic Abrahamic faiths ‘s . Not only Muslims ( Arabs & non-arabs ) but also the arabic speaking Jews ( e.g. Yemenite Jews ) and arabic speaking Christians ( e.g. Coptic Christians of Egypt , Lebanon & Syria ‘s Christians etc. ) call their God as “Allah ” … and also read their Torah ( Torait ) and Bible ( injeel ) in their mother tongue Arabic. All male Muslims and Jews (and many Christians of Philippines ) perform circumcision as their religious rite because circumcision is sunnah ( tradition) of prophet Ibrahim ( Abraham). Halal food is consumed by both Muslims and Jews ( rather the Jews eat more strict form of Halal called ” Kosher ” food ).


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