Why Turkeye deserves a permanent seat in UN Security Council


By Dr M.  Qutubuddin, Chicago

Turkeye’s significance goes beyond being a mere geographical crossroads; it serves as a bridge uniting two world cultures, two continents, two religions, and two civilizations. It embodies the essence of the Middle East and Islamic countries while harmonizing East and West. Additionally, its geopolitical and strategic positioning bestows it with distinctive advantages. In fact, Istanbul has emerged as a global epicenter, rivaling New York in prominence.

The world extends far beyond the confines of just five nations – the United States, China, Russia, Britain, and France. Regrettably, the United Nations has increasingly come to resemble a select club of major powers. Contrary to its original purpose, the institution appears somewhat antiquated and ill-suited to address the evolving global landscape marked by new changes, trends, technological advancements, shifting demographics, and dynamic shifts in contemporary times and cultural ethos.

Geopolitical Significance Turkeye’s strategic location at the intersection of Europe and Asia makes it a pivotal player in both regions. Its proximity to conflict zones in the Middle East, the Balkans, and the Caucasus positions it as a diplomatic bridge, connecting diverse cultures and political systems. Turkey’s geographic positioning uniquely qualifies it to contribute significantly to international conflict resolution and peacekeeping efforts.

Robust Economy and Political Stability Turkeye boasts one of the world’s largest and consistently growing economies. This economic strength equips Turkeye with the necessary resources to support international development and humanitarian initiatives, aligning with the UN’s objectives. Furthermore, Turkey’s robust political system provides a secure foundation for active participation in global decision-making.

Commitment to Peacekeeping Turkey has a rich history of involvement in UN peacekeeping missions. Its troops have been deployed to various conflict zones, including Somalia, Afghanistan, and the Balkans. This unwavering commitment underscores Turkey’s dedication to the core principles upon which the UN was established.

Cultural and Religious Diversity Turkeye’s profound cultural and religious diversity is a valuable asset within the UNSC. It can play a crucial role as a mediator in discussions involving nations with differing cultural and religious backgrounds, fostering understanding and cooperation among member states.

Addressing Regional Challenges Turkeye assumes a pivotal role in addressing pressing regional challenges such as the Syrian conflict, refugee crises, and counter-terrorism efforts. Its active involvement in resolving these crises showcases its ability to act as a responsible and influential global actor.

Promotion of Multilateralism:Turkeye staunchly advocates for multilateralism, a foundational principle of the United Nations. As a permanent member of the UNSC, Turkeye would be better positioned to promote and uphold the principles of diplomacy and cooperation on the global stage.

Democratic Values Turkeye’s commitment to democratic values and human rights aligns seamlessly with the core principles of the United Nations. Its inclusion as a permanent member would reinforce the significance of these principles within the UNSC and inspire their promotion worldwide.

Turkeye‘s grain support

Turkeye, has been making significant strides in the realm of international grain deals and negotiations, particularly with Russia. In recent years, Turkeye has emerged as a crucial player in the global grain trade, thanks to its strategic location, robust agricultural sector, and diplomatic efforts.

Turkeye’s geographical position at the crossroads of Europe and Asia has made it a pivotal player in international grain trade. It serves as a bridge between the grain-producing regions of Russia and Ukraine and the markets of the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. This strategic location has allowed Turkey to facilitate the flow of grains from Russia to various parts of the world.

The present moment presents a unique opportunity to inject fresh energy, novel perspectives, and renewed vigor into the global stage. In this regard, the inclusion of Turkey as a new permanent member of the United Nations Security Council could provide substantial revitalization to this international body.

What our world sorely needs is visionary leadership to foster prosperity, happiness, peace, and vitality across the planet, and Turkey is well-positioned to contribute significantly to this endeavor. Furthermore, the Turkish people are renowned for their hard work, integrity, unwavering determination, and resilience. They possess a selfless commitment to humanitarian service that extends to all of humanity.

Turkeye’s aspiration to secure a permanent seat on the United Nations Security Council rests on its geopolitical significance, formidable economy, unwavering commitment to peacekeeping, cultural diversity, and promotion of multilateralism. By granting Turkey a permanent seat, the UNSC can harness its unique position as a bridge between diverse regions and cultures. Furthermore, Turkeye’s proactive role in addressing regional challenges and its dedication to democratic values make it an eminently deserving candidate for permanent membership. The inclusion of Turkeye in the UNSC would elevate the council’s effectiveness in addressing global security issues and champion a more inclusive and representative international order.


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