Will BJP use bulldozers against Agnipath agitators, asks Cong national secy

Shakeel Ahmed Khan

New Delhi : In view of the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, all the political parties are busy strengthening their strategy.

While the Congress is constantly talking about supporting the youth in light of the Agnipath row, demanding withdrawal of the scheme, the question is how will the party fight the BJP’s aggressive Hindutva card?

Talking to IANS, Congress MLA from Bihar and the party’s national secretary, Shakeel Ahmed Khan, said: “Rahul Gandhi has said that Hindutva is different from Hinduism. Under this, people have to suffer and there is no such thing as brotherhood. Hinduism is about brotherhood. The Bharatiya Janata Party is presenting an ideology before everyone, the results of which we see every day.”

Asked if BJP’s use of bulldozers affect the political sphere, Khan said, “It’s a strange situation… Will the houses of all those protesting against the Agnipath scheme, damaging national property, be bulldozed? Incidents of vandalism and arson came to light from many places. How will they be treated?

“The BJP is indulging in politics of polarisation in India. Bulldozers are being used to harass a section of the society and we all can see it.”

Referring to the row over the Gyanvapi mosque, Khan said, “When the issue of Babri Masjid was raised in 1991, the big leaders of BJP had reined it in by saying that the Parliament and the Supreme Court’s decisions must be adhered to. But in the matter of Gyanvapi now, they (BJP) see advantage in exploiting the situation.”

When asked will the Congress take on the BJP over issues like inflation and unemployment or will Hindutva dominate the discourse, Khan said, “The real issues are unemployment, inflation, farmers’ concerns etc. The agenda of the Congress has always been raising the basic issues, such as the progress of the country and brotherhood.”— IANS


  1. I condemn bulldozer policy of Yogi. You can not apply for only muslims.. this is a clear violation of democratic rights.

    • Secular Lindu aka Hindu gutter monkey,

      Are you a schizophrenic. You’ve made many comments in the past supporting terrorism against Muslims. Bulldozer needs to applied to all hindu extremists and terrorists, including your mandirs. this should also be applied against Hindu temples in all Muslim countries…then we will see Hindus behave …


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