World No Tobacco Day : Let us unite against perilous smoking

By Ahmed Cimak,

WHO (World Health Organization) SAYS “Smoking is one of the biggest public health threats that the world has ever faced Killing more than 7 Million people in a year”.  According to ALA (American Lung Association) “Cigarettes contains 600 ingredients, when it gets burned it generates more than 7000 chemicals many of them are highly poisonous and at least 69 of them are directly linked with cancer”. WHO reports that “12% of world tobacco users are from India” From the   above reports we could easily be comprehend on the importance of protecting Human being from this most lethalous killer in the world. Smoking is the gate way for all types of tobaccos and drugs.


Let us have a short look to its history. Cannabis was there before smoking tobacco in at least 5000BC.Which was commonly consumed by the inhabitant of Middle East countries. It was used with a pipe called as `Hookah’. Smoking in India has been known since at least 2000BC at the time of Cannabis, mentioned in Vedas. Then after Cannabis Jean Nicotine introduced tobacco to France and then it had spread to all over the world, mainly to England then to all of its colonies including our India.

In India the upper class people had an important role on bringing this bad habit to us. During the 19th centuries they had a fixed smoking room to have discussion on mundane matters. From these people it had spread to all section of society. After the First World War itself women initiated smoking along with many other changes, then in 1920s it was portrayed through Public meetings, TV advertisements, Films, dramas etc. So it gets higher popularity and then the women in 20th century had no any troubles in using tobacco in public. It is very sad to know according to the survey of 2011 that 18% Indian school students are Current smokers and more than 3200 people smoke their first cigarette.


It is also paramount to talk about its addiction and results. People are really addicted to its drug lies inside the cigarette called as nicotine. It directly effects to nervous and brain system, so now the brain depends on nicotine so it is arduous to get rid of it for a regular smoker. The impact of smoking could be seen on almost all walks of life of the smoker. It effects physically, mentally, psychologically and spiritually. Usage of Nicotine fizzles to death for all internal organs especially it directly affects to digestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, central nervous and immune systems. It also plays a vital role in stimulating mood like irritability, anxiety, depression etc. It is also the root cause for smelly hair and mouth, dry skin, impotent and yellowish teeth, tasteless tongue etc. Bronchitis, heart diseases, high cholesterol, blood coting, blood cancer, neck cancer, head cancer, etc. Physical and mental effects in new born baby are from the obnoxious effects of smoking.


There are lots of ways to quit smoking in front of us. The best way to quit I had seen is Cold Turkey. More than that lots of natural and scientific remedies are available, but it is too cumbersome to stop very fast but possible through slowly. The initial factor for a smoker who intends to quit is to be motivated by the facts of smoking and result. Then he should surround himself with supporters to achieve his goal. Then he has to do the replacement of nicotine therapy if he is much addicted and to stand away from all types of intoxicants. So that he will be culminated with the strong will power and flair in him.


Now let us have a look to views of religions on smoking. The tenth Guru of Sikhism had prohibited smoking in Sikh religion, similarly Rabbihic Responsa the leader of Judaism had prohibited smoking for Jews as it is self-endangerment and Ashkenzai Haredi also called it as an evil practice because it is self-endangerment also asked his followers to be away from it. Vaishnavas of ISKON by Bhativedanta swami Prabhu Pada in 1966 prohibited using tobacco for Hindus major leaders of Hindu’s proclaimed the prohibition of tobacco unanimously in public as it effects to others who are close to the smoker. In Christianity it is commonly known as word of wisdom found in section 89 of doctrine and convenants and prohibits smoking. Buddha also prohibited using of drugs. Now Islam is the ever best religion I had ever seen as best religion to proclaim the prohibition of tobacco with its utmost power. A Muslim is not allowed to meet a person with a bad smelly mouth he should clean it and Islam strictly prohibited using all tobaccos as  self-endangering products through holy Quran (2/196).


It all divulges out that self-endangering products are not supported by anyone so it is easy for us in India with different diversities to unite for redefining the oblivious India to blooming India and to make our new coming brothers and sister protected, let it begin with your smiling face and pulverizing words….


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