Yogi govt stops grants for new madrassa in Uttar Pradesh

Students attending class at a madrassa near Jamia Masjid in Old Delhi [PC: Hasan Akram and Mayank Chawla]

By Muslim Mirror Staff

The Yogi Adityanath-led government in Uttar Pradesh has accepted the cabinet’s proposal to stop grants for new madrassas. This comes days after the state government mandated singing the national anthem in madrassas.


According to ANI,  the Yogi govt accepted the proposal to exclude new Madrasas from grant list in a cabinet decision on May 17.

UP minister of state for minority welfare Danish Azad Ansari told PTI that the madrassas currently receiving government grants will continue to get it, but no new beneficiary will be included in the list.

When he asked about the reason behind this, he said that at present 560 madrassas are getting government grants in the state.

“It is a big number. The focus of the government is on providing quality education in madrassas. That is why now no new madrassa will be included in this list,” the minister said.


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