Madrasa educated Shahid Raza Khan cracks UPSC exam

Shahid Raza Khan

By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi : Maulana Shahid Raza Khan, an alumnus of   Madrassa  Al Jamiatul Ashrafia has cleared the UPSC Civil Services Exam with a national rank of 751.

Cracking the prestigious civil services exam, has made Shahid a role model for many Madarsa going students. Khan said after passing Class X from Bihar Board, he by choice opted for education at Al Jamaitul Ashrafia in Azamgarh.

After Madarsa education Shahid  pursued M.Phil in West Asian Studies from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) .

When the UPSC announced the result of civil services exam 2018 on Friday then to the delight of Khan and Jamia’s Centre for Career Coaching also known as Residential Coaching Academy his name was also there with other 40 students who were coached at Jamia.

‘I give the credit of  my sucesss to Madarsa  education which put a lot of confidence in me,  increased my belief, developed  my sincerity and made me a committed person,  Shahid told to Muslim Mirror.

Khan, who is basically from Gaya, completed his graduation in Arabic and MA in the same subject from JNU and currently doing PhD in West Asian Studies.

‘If you have confidence,  commitment and sincerity to pursue your goal nothing is impossible, he added.

The UPSC exams held in September-October, 2018 declared the results on Friday evening and a total of 759 candidates have been recommended for the appointment.

Out of the 759 successful candidates, 30 Muslims have cracked the examination with Uttar Pradesh’s Junaid Ahmad topping them with a national 3rd rank. Last year, 52 Muslim candidates were successful in the UPSC exam out of the 990 who qualified.



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