FILE PHOTO: PM Modi with Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud

Saudi Arabia deports Indians for protesting against CAA


By Muslim Mirror Network

New Delhi: Saudi Arabia has deported several  number of non-resident Indians (NRI) living in the Gulf state for protesting against a highly controversial anti-Muslim law introduced by the far-right Hindu nationalist government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Inspired by Shaheen Bagh Protests in India last year, where a group of mainly Muslim women organised a sit-in to deonstrate against the National Register of Citizens (NRC), a number of Indians living in Jeddah are said to have shown their solidarity by holding placards against the proposed registration bill, said media reports.

The protest landed the NRIs in trouble. It’s reported that they were arrested for violating rules that prohibit any kind of assembly and protest and repatriated back to India.

Gulf countries have zero tolerance towards any kind of protest, demonstration, or gatherings. But the protesters, some of whom were young, are said to have been unaware of this basic rule. Many also got into trouble for posting support on social media.

Notably several gulf nations  like Saudi Arab ,UAE and Bahrainb have  honoured PM Modi with their highest civilian awards.

40 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia deports Indians for protesting against CAA

  1. The fox hugs the fox. Muhammad bin Salman is a king, he is a Muslim but never a representative of Muslims. Muslim thought will not enter his consciousness. That’s normal. But there were protests against the CAA in America or other countries. However, the government did not expel anyone.

      1. You can’t have a conscience in a pimp game.
        A pimp supports a pimp and the following supporters
        Glorify in ovation like zam zam cola.

      1. True Muslim.
        True Muslim doesn’t hurt fellow Muslim.
        Why don’t you ask Saudi to stop supporting Israel?
        Why don’t you ask Saudi to stop attacking innocent Yemenis?
        Why don’t you ask Saudi to stop branding Muslim Brotherhood as terrorist organisation?
        Why don’t you ask Saudi to help innocent Palestine?
        Why don’t you ask Saudi to boycott France internationally?
        Why don’t you ask Saudi to give shelter to fellow Muslim refugees?
        There’re many things which Saudi can do, but its present coward, foolish, selfish and weak rulers can’t do anything except sucking the feet of enemies of Islam.

        1. Al Hindi Maskin spotted. MBS is pure and true Muslim not like you a ignorant Muslim who hate their roots and have severe identity crisis. Arabs respect Hindus bcoz they know Hindus resisted and uphold their presence.

          1. What a joke , MBS is a namesake MUSLIM , MBS is a coward and only wants to do business he has no real feelings towards ISLAM & Muslims

      2. What a beautiful thought you have! I learned from you that Muslims are further divided. Converted Muslim and non-converted Muslim. I hate your sense of consciousness. Study Islam a little.

        1. go and ask your arab masters why no converted muslim gets citizenship there after working like slaves for 40 years…. CAA NRC is absolutely necessary we dont want any more illegal infiltrators in this country who burn cities because of cartoons and facebook posts.

      3. Every one is converted in Islam except Mohammad SAW, even first 3 khalifa also convert in Islam.

        Before Islam came every mecca and madina person do tawaf of murti in Kabab

    1. Mr. Ghori, how you can be named Ghori who killed thousands of ethnic residents of South Asia. Someone who was invader, plunderer, warmonger….really sad…your family gave you a name after the invader…..God give you and your family a better sense.

    2. He’s 1 of the highly paid agents of global Fascism, Zionism, Communalism, Castism, Racism etc. The fact is that the regime concerned have been installed forcibly by the agencies like CIA, Musaad etc. So,let’s not expect anything favourite to Islam or Muslims from the rulers of these countries

    3. mr. Md. shah, are you representative of muslims, what is wrong with CAA ? what Saudi does ,it is up to them, why you do not criticize pakistan for blasphemy laws, being cruel to minority, where as india is not cruel to its minority, every country have their laws, if you are in that country , follow its laws

  2. Historically, corrupt Hypocrites and Polytheists have always conspired against the Muslims in general and Islam in particular. These actions of the corrupt autocrats are going to be counter productive in the long run as their plans will be eventually thwarted by the will of Almighty Allah.

      1. Nuh 71:7

        وَإِنِّى كُلَّمَا دَعَوْتُهُمْ لِتَغْفِرَ لَهُمْ جَعَلُوٓا۟ أَصَٰبِعَهُمْ فِىٓ ءَاذَانِهِمْ وَٱسْتَغْشَوْا۟ ثِيَابَهُمْ وَأَصَرُّوا۟ وَٱسْتَكْبَرُوا۟ ٱسْتِكْبَارًا

        Whenever I called them, so that You might forgive them, they put their fingers into their ears, and wrapped their clothes around themselves, and grew obstinate, and waxed proud in extreme arrogance.

  3. IT cell Bhakta are in this thread as well, factually they are paid to overthrow their views following a template of hatred communalism to derive their agenda.

    And also they enjoy the responses from fellow Muslims which enables them to understand our reaction.

  4. Ghori is a tribe name ( surname) of Pathans …. but not a given name. Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan was not in favour of Pakistan …
    Similarly not all Modis are rioters . All rulers want to expand their territories King Ashok , Alexander , Muhammad Ghori , Ram ( did Ashwamegh yagg … if anybody tried to stop his horse were to face war and violence).

  5. “The Hour shall not be established until tribes of my Ummah unite with the idolaters, and until they worship idols.” (Jami` at-Tirmidhi 2219)

    “What I fear most for my nation is misguiding leaders. Some tribes among my nation will worship idols and some tribes among my nation will join the idolaters.” (Sunan Ibn Majah 3952)

    “Only the wicked people would survive and they would be as careless as birds with the characteristics of beasts. They would never appreciate the good nor condemn evil. Then Satan would come to them in human form and would say: Don’t you respond? And they would say: What do you order us? And he would command them to worship the idols but, in spite of this, they would have abundance of sustenance and lead comfortable lives.” (Sahih Muslim 2940 a)

    “The Hour will not be established till the buttocks of the women of the tribe of Daus move while going round Dhi-al-Khalasa.” (Sahih al-Bukhari 7116)”

  6. It makes my laugh ,reading all your posts.I’m a proud Hindu in usa,and there are so many illegals Indians here,but according to in charter on human rights,the govt abides by it,instead of trying to divide and rule.I’m originally from India ,and proud of my routes,but I’m ashamed of the mentality of people trying to diminish the Muslim community.Muslims are as much Indians ,like all minority groups as Hindus.the quicker we can get rid of politicians,who under the umbrella of religion,try to bring disharmony between religious communities.just my humble opinion

    1. that is problem with muslims. any one even a muslim speak truth about islam, try to bring reform in islam, like Saudi prince, Waseem razavi and others, they was to kill them instead of answering them with pen. prince Salman is trying to do best for sa .
      please read Hadith
      “Mohammed himself was not optimistic about his own message and the future of Islam and Muslims:
      [T]he Messenger of Allah (Mohammed) observed: Verily Islam started as something strange and it would again revert (to its old position) of being strange just as it started, and it would recede between the two mosques just as the serpent crawls back into its hole.” [Sahih Muslim, Book 001, Number 0270.]
      In this hadith, Mohammed foretold that the end of Islam would be strange just like its beginning and that it would shrink back to the limited area where it came from – – between the two mosques of Mecca and Medina. Could that prediction by Mohammed himself be a signal of the inevitable demise of Islam?”

      “without Khadija’s intervention “Mohammad might have gone through with his plan to end it all, and history would have turned out quite differently,” writes Reza Aslan. of Islamic philosophy may find the seeds of this ancient quarrel not only in
      the very early period of Muhammad’s Mission (Radinson 110-11) but even in his own household. Ayesha, Muhammad’s favorite wife, from whom the prophet urged all the faithful to “draw half of their religion” (Saadawi 131), often challenged Muhammad himself in relation to certain Qur’anic verses. When the Qur’an allowed Muhammad to marry as many women as he wished, she protested with cynicism, “Allah always responds immediately to your needs” (Saadaw 131). It is even said that “some women in the first Islamic community, such as the ancient warrior Nusay bah, were ardent feminists. She asked Muhammad why, in the Qur’an, God always addressed himself to men and never towomen. The legend has it that God recognized the validity of her question, for thereafter Revelation referred to ‘believers’ in both genders” (Bouhdiba 19).
      Ayesha went so far as to declare on many occasions that Muhammad did
      not physically go to heaven on that night of Isra (i.e., nocturnal journal). She insisted ascension, which is mentioned in the Qur’an (Q.XVILl), was
      a dream, because during that night his body “remained where it was but God removed his spirit” (Ibn Ishaq 183). Despite the prophet’s wife’s tesorthodox Muslims chose not to believe her, and believed instead timony,
      the story of the prophet’s night journey on his magical and/or divine

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