ABVP members attack non-veg students in JNU in the presence of police personal 

Image courtesy: Kavita Krishnan

By Abdul Bari Masoud

New Delhi: In the Jawaharlal Nehru University, the ruling BJP’s student arm, the ABVP, does it again. On Sunday afternoon, ABVP goons allegedly attacked Kaveri hostel students over the provision of non-vegetarian food at the dormitories. During the attack, which occurred in the presence of police, a number of students were injured; four of them were critically injured, including two guards. Students marched to the Vasant Kunj Police Station in the vicinity, demanding that the perpetrators of the violence be apprehended.

Apeksha Priyadarshini,  a PhD student, told Muslim Mirror that “At first, they sought to impose a non-vegetarian ban on everyone in Kaveri Hostel, but when students protested #FoodFascism, the Sanghi goons resorted to all-out violence.” “Students are inflicted with grievous wounds.”

She said the attack started in the afternoon after the meat supplier returned.   The goons used brick-bats, stones, tube- lights and other sharp material to attack the non-veg students.

She alleged that the ABVP members have now made their way to Sabarmati. All of this is taking place in front of SHO Vasant Kunj, who is unwilling to put an end to the violence. Several female students were hurt, with one being brought to the hospital with brain haemorrhage.

The ABVP goons were in a mood to continue the violence. They wanted to show their control over the hostels; however the mess committees decided that dinner would be made. People could not go hungry’ she added.

We have identified those ABVP students involved in the violence and intimidation and marched to the nearby Police station to arrest them, said Priyadarshini.

Right now the situation is under control but tension is palpable in the JUN campus.



  1. What a bunch cowardly insecure bastards…Hinduism is disgusting. Attacking people for their own dietary choices, this shows how weak their false religion really is.

    Hindu terrorists need to be shot on sight. They will not be missed.


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