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Army veterans write to President on hate campaign against Muslim soldiers


By Muslim Mirror Staff

New Delhi: As many as 120 former military veterans have urged President of India Ram Nath Kovind to take action against people who are spreading the fake news alleging that the so-called Muslim regiment had refused to fight against Pakistan soldiers during the 1965 war, hence, it was disbanded.

The President of India is the top commander of the Armed Forces.

In an open letter addressed to the president, the officials stated, “”These ‘Muslim Regiment’ posts are blatantly false, because the Indian Army did not have a Muslim Regiment in 1965 or since,” the letter observes, adding that some senior-ranking veterans have unequivocally pointed this out.”

We further wish to point out that Muslims fighting as part of multi-class regiments proved their absolute commitment to the cause of our nation.

For example, Quartermaster Havildar Abdul Hamid was posthumously awarded Param Vir Chakra, for his courage and valiance in the Battle of Asal Uttar during the 1965 India-Pakistan War.

Also in the 1965 war, Major (later Lt Gen) Mohammad Zaki and Major Abdul Rafey Khan were both awarded Vir Chakra, the latter posthumously, when he fought against the Pakistani division commanded by his own uncle, Maj Gen Sahibzada Yaqub Khan. Such are the legends of Muslim warriors.”

The letter also cites the example of Brigadier Mohammad Usman who chose to remain in the Indian Army in spite of being approached personally by Jinnah to move to Pakistan. “He fought the Pakistani invasion in Kashmir, was the senior-most officer killed in action in July 1948, and was posthumously awarded Mahavir Chakra for his gallantry. He lies buried in the Jamia Millia Islamia campus in Delhi…” the letter notes.

The letter maintained that the the falsehood campaign originally began in May of 2013, when an account on Twitter, calling itself ‘World Hindus United’ wrote a post alleging the same.

“The ‘Muslim Regiment’ post has been re-tweeted many times thereafter, and its insidious surfacing during the on-going Chinese aggression, is certainly suspect,” the letter says, pointing out 18 accounts among hundreds who retweeted and repeated this false claim.

The signatories added that it helps the enemy by striking at the morale of India’s soldiers to degrade their operational capability.

“It needs no emphasis that social unrest adversely affects the morale of soldiers who are far away from their families, doing their duty to defend our borders, at daily risk to life and limb,” the letter says.

They have requested the president to take following measures”

Investigate the antecedents of individuals who have made ‘Muslim Regiment’ posts.

Identify and charge individuals who have made ‘Muslim Regiment’ posts for anti-national activities.

Issue warning to the social media providers (Facebook and Twitter) who have enabled ‘Muslim Regiment’ posts.

Issue immediate instructions to all state governments that the generation of false and seditious messages in social media should be acted upon with alacrity so as to not jeopardise national security.

The list of signatories:

1. Admiral Laxminarayan Ramdas, PVSM, AVSM, VrC, VSM

2. Lt Gen Ramdas Mohan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM

3. Lt Gen RK Nanavatty, PVSM, UYSM, AVSM

4. Lt Gen Vijay Oberoi, PVSM, AVSM, VSM

5. Lt Gen UK Ganguli

6. Lt Gen Raman Dhawan, AVSM,VSM**, ADC

7. Lt Gen Ashwini Kumar Bakshi AVSM, SM, VSM

8. Lt Gen Oomman P Mathew, PVSM, AVSM, SM

9. Lt Gen Kishen Bhatia, PVSM

10. Lt Gen KS Rao, PVSM, SC, SM

11. Vice Admiral Madanjit Singh, PVSM, AVSM

12. Vice Admiral R P Suthan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM

13. Vice Admiral Michael Morales, AVSM

14. Maj Gen SG Vombatkere, VSM

15. Maj Gen PK Joglekar, PVSM

16. Maj Gen Arun Srinivasan

17. Maj Gen Suresh Krishnan

18. Maj Gen Inderjit Kashyap

19. Maj Gen Anil Sawhny, AVSM

20. Maj Gen SS Grewall, AVSM

21. Maj Gen Rajendra Prakash, VSM

22. Maj Gen TK Kaul, PVSM, AVSM, VSM

23. Maj Gen MPS Kandal

24. Maj Gen SS Chohan

25. Rear Admiral Stanley Alan O’Leary

26. Brig Baqir Shameem

27. Brig Sharad Ramchandra Luktuke, SM, VSM

28. Brig Mohammad Nasim Khan

29. Brig Kakar

30. Brig JM Devadoss, SM

31. Brig Vijay Raheja

32. Brig M Sudandiram, VSM

33. Brig Vinod Kumar Adappa, SM

34. Brig Prem Hejmadi

35. Brig SP Agarwal

36. Brig M R Deshpande

37. Brig Deepak Grover

38. Brig AM Sharma

39. Brig Virendra Kumar Bajaj

40. Brig Anil Bhat

41. Brig SK Jandial

42. Brig Ali Adil Mahmood, VSM

43. Brig RJS Dhillon, YSM, VSM

44. Brig AN Suryanarayanan

45. Brig MJ Jacob, SM

46. Col Dinesh Kumar

47. Col Pavan Nair, VSM

48. Col Shashi Thomas

49. Col Ashwin Baindur

50.  Col Ajay Dabholkar

51. Col RK Minocha

52.  Col Rajendra Bhaduri

53.  Col VK Rajendran

54.  Col Vinay Kumta

55.  Col A K Moghe

56. Col Ronnie Burjor Mistry

57. Col Vivek Bopiah

58.  Col Ajay Kumar Dewan

59.  Col Manduvanda Lava Cheeyanna

60.  Col Sunil Datt

61.  Col Manmohan Singh

62.  Col Esmond Jules Sanchis

63.  Col Sharath Bhat

64.  Col Raghu Akella, VSM

65.  Col Rajive Kohli

66.  Col Vivek Bhatt

67.  Col Swaran Singh Pathania

68.  Col CK Roy

69.  Col VR Menon

70.  Capt (IN) Subbarao Prabhala,VSM

71.  Capt (IN) AK Kalia

72.  Capt (IN) Paul Abraham

73.  Gp Capt BC Christopher

74.  Gp Capt Philips Jacob, VM

75.  Lt Col Vijay N Kharkar

76.  Lt Col Johnson Thomas

77.  Lt Col Shubeg Singh Gill

78.  Lt Col VC Alexander

79.  Lt Col Riyaz Khan

80.  Lt Col A K Suri

81.  Lt Col Niraj Pant

82.  Lt Col Aditya Parida

83.   Lt Col Arun Rao, SM

84.  Lt Col Hasan Muzaffar, SM

85.  Lt Col TL Sharma

86.   Lt Col Avinash Karnik

87.  Lt Col JE Premkumar

88.   Cdr A Vibhuti

89.  Cdr S Viswanathan

90.  Cdr A Abraham

91.  Cdr MV Cherukoth

92.  Cdr Ravindra P Varma

93.  Cdr MM Pareek

94.  Cdr CR Babu

95.  Cdr Arvind Poothia

96.   Cdr Karunesh Kaushik

97.  Cdr Dipak D Naik

98.   Cdr John Philipose

99.   Cdr Tom Joseph

100.  Wg Cdr A S Joshi (Retd)

101.  Wg Cdr Rakesh Sant

102.  Wg Cdr Vinod Nebb, VrC**

103.  Wg Cdr Mohammad Sufiyan Khan

104.  Wg Cdr Bertrand Joseph Vaz

105.  Maj Priyadarshi Chowdhury, SC

106.  Maj Jasbeer Singh, SM

107.  Maj Vijay Sharma

108.  Maj MG Devasahayam

109.  Maj AA Khan

110.  Lt Cdr Harbans Singh Dhillon

111.  Lt Cdr Rajender Singh Bajwa

112.  Capt JJ Alfred Rajasekaran

113.  Flt Lt Rajiv Tyagi

114. Lt (IN) Sandhya Suri

115. Hony Lt (IN) DN Singh, MSM

116. Hony Lt (IN) Tilak Raj Sharma

117.  Sergeant Sunil Rao

118.  Sergeant Mandetira N Subramani

119.  Sergeant Joginder Singh

120. Sergeant Irshad Shaikh



  1. The whole charade is being spread by mischievous elements! No serving or retired armed force officer is so gullible to belive in it. In India it has not happened nor will it happen in future too.

    The surprise out of this story is as to how this rubbish is being politicised by an ambitious Congi stooge who in past also has been on mischief mongering ? Ramda, if you remember, even started similar signature pitition about release of Kasab and Afjal.

    The mischievous ex-naval officer has been found fooling even Hindus outside armed forces freternity, which he is not.
    Since his name is as such, he has been in past caught instigating other religions communities by his statements and posts.

    The signatories should have checked his anticidents, intents and purpose behind his signature campaign.


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