Calling Mehbooba as ‘Jehadi Chief Minister’ unacceptable and derogatory: Prof Bhim Singh

Mehbooba Mufti

By M M News

New Delhi: Former Kashmir lawmaker and patron of the Panthers party Prof. Bhim Singh Thursday took strong exception for calling  Mehbooba Mufti as a ‘Jehadi Chief Minister’  by a  junior lawyer appearing in the Kathua case of rape and murder. He also slammed the newspaper for carrying the derogatory remarks against an elected chief minister.


 Prof Singh, who is also Sr. Advocate in the Supreme Court, said, “the unmindful and thoughtless statement of a junior lawyer cannot be accepted.”

He said that “he would not subscribe to the working and conduct of the Chief Minister in her dealings in many fields in the state” but describing an elected Chief Minister as ‘Jehadi’ cannot be accepted even within the meaning and scope of the Bar Council of India which has not been extended to the lawyers of J&K ever since it was born in New Delhi.

 It is to mention that speaking to the Indian Express, the counsel for the Kathua rape accused,  Ankur Sharma, said: “Mehbooba Mufti is a jihadi…She gives legal immunity to cow slaughter and bovine smuggling. She refers to them (Gujjars and Bakerwals) as tribals, who are Muslims, and says Section 188 RPC (‘disobedience to order’) will not be invoked against them…She is spearheading an Islamo-fascist communal agenda wherein demographic change is a reality, where people of one religion are occupying land in Jammu province, which is a Hindu-dominated area.”

  He underlined that using the terms, ‘Jehadi Chief Minister’ or ‘Islamic Fascist communal agenda’ against an elected Chief Minister is also a violation of rule of law which stands established by the Press Council of India, 1978.

“This is also unfortunate that the leading newspapers are broadcasting such statements with ulterior motives to spread hatred of the people against another section,” Prof Singh said.

 He also appealed to the press particularly the national press to be careful about using words and language which instigates rather provokes the sentiments of one community against another.

 Prof Singh also urged the Bar Council of India to intervene to ensure that freedom of the press is not misused for promoting the sentiments or propaganda of a particular group of people who intend to put communal harmony on fire in the state.


  1. Historically, Shaikh Abdullah faced much worse @ the hands of the Kashmiri “Super Pandit JL Nehru”, first PM (for 17 yrs) of India. As long as “Shere Kashmir” (SA) followed JLN bidding he was liked. The moment he spoke his mind he was jailed and that too brutally. I suspect history will repeat itself after all this window dressing PR loses its vote-drawing value. I wish I am wrong.


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