From Aligarh to the moon: The inspiring Journey of AMU alumni in Chandrayaan-3

AMU alumni Priyanshu Varshney, Khushboo Mirza and Ishrat Jamal who were part of Chandrayaan-3 project.

By Shaheer Khan

In the heart of India, in the city of Aligarh, a story of dedication and innovation was quietly unfolding. Priyanshu Varshney, a bright mind with a passion for electronics, had always dreamed of reaching for the stars. Little did he know that his journey would take him not just to the stars, but all the way to the Moon.

Priyanshu, a product of Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), had pursued his B. Tech and M.Tech in Electronics with unwavering determination. He was determined to contribute to something greater than himself, and that opportunity came when he joined the prestigious Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO).

At ISRO, Priyanshu found himself in the midst of a team working tirelessly on the Chandrayaan-3 mission, focusing on the Lander and Rover components. The mission’s goal was ambitious ā€“ a lunar landing. It was a task that required not just technical prowess but also boundless commitment.

Another AMU alumnus, Ishrat Jamal, who had graduated with a B. Tech in Electrical Engineering in 2013, was also part of this remarkable endeavor. His lab at ISRO was responsible for designing and developing the Electronic Power Conditioner (EPC) that powered critical RF and Digital subsystems. It was a vital component of the mission’s success.

The story didn’t end there. Khushboo Mirza, another distinguished ISRO scientist, had graduated from AMU in Electronics in 2006. Her contributions in earlier missions had paved the way for the successes that led to Chandrayaan-3’s triumphant lunar landing.

As the news of this historical accomplishment spread, the AMU fraternity swelled with pride. Their fellow alumni had played crucial roles in this and earlier missions that had culminated in this grand achievement. It was a testament to the quality of education and the spirit of excellence instilled at AMU.

This story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration. It reminds us that with unwavering commitment, dedication, and a thirst for knowledge, we can reach for the stars and beyond. The journey from Aligarh to the Moon might seem improbable, but with the right mindset and determination, even the sky is not the limit.


  1. This story serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration. Congratulations to all the team members of Chandrayaan 3 project.

  2. Well done to the achievements of the Aligarians, it is even more creditable because of the prevailing circumstances at this moment of time.

    • Muslim contribution to India in the sphere of Arts,culture , Architecture Science etc is great. However sadly BJP politics try to erase this contribution. To me it looks like Indians may land in the Moon. But their (Hindu extremists) mentality won’t change. These extremists will hinder Indian progress

      • No, they did not. Pakistan wiped out all signs of Hindu presence in that country, let alone contribution. The Sanatan Dharma college in Lahore, (alma mater of Dr. Abdus Salam) was immediately renamed to some Islamia college. The Dacca University Physics Department was put on the world map by Dr. Satyen Bose, because of his Bose-Einstein Condensate theory, and where the God particle Bosun was first thought of, was soon almost totally rid of these luminaries after partition.
        So, do not talk nonsense. If there is any extremism to be worried about, it is jihadic jazba, and the 60 odd Islamic countries where non Muslims have no status. Even Nobel laureates like Dr. Salam are disowned..

  3. Proud of the contributions of the three dedicated and hardworking scientists.
    They have proven true the University Tarana – Jo abr yahan se uthega woh sare Jahan par barsega.
    AMU alumni Shanaz Latif

  4. We are proud of all 03 Aliga Ishrat Jamal, Priyanshu Varshney and khushboo Mirza. 3 cheers for 3 Aligs proud of being Alig. Congratulations šŸŽ‰šŸŽ‰

  5. Hearty Congratulations to the 3 AMU Alumni and the entire Team at ISRO on their remarkable achievements. We are all very proud. I am also very proud of my friend and classmate from Cotton College, Assam, Dipak K. Das, his 37 years at ISRO, as Director and Distinguished Scientist at Space Applications Center, ISRO, and former Vikram Sarabhai Professor, specially for his contributions in Chandrayaan-2 and the MARS Mission. A Member of International Astronautical Federation.
    God bless you all with all your future endeavors. Amen. šŸ’

  6. Matter of pride for all of us. As Indians we are proud of AMU &JMI alumnus of their contributions together with team Chandrayaan 3
    Great indeed

  7. I , Nikhat Tabassum am also an AMU Alumni and feeling great proud to be part of the university which is excellent in education.

    May Allah SWT bless the faculties and staff members to keep the journey continue and serve the nation and humanity tirelessly.

    Specially ,those three heroes who are now model for our students.

  8. Congratulations šŸŽ‰šŸ‘ to all who were a part of journey to moon of Chandrayan 3. I am proud of being a 1973 batch Electrical Engineer of ZH College AMU. Journey continues and blessings of 140 crore Indians to all our scientists and engineers.


    • Hello Kuldeep,
      I am also a graduate of 1973 batch ,and I am still serving at a giant Corporation in California, and proud to be a A.M.U.Alumni. Congratulations to Chandryan team for their great achievement.

  10. My Salute to three of them (AMUEx.students) ISRO scientists who have immense contribution toCh.3 in making successful soft landing on moon

  11. Congratulations, every thing can be achieved, when you think it positively. Negative mindset will reach to no destinyā€™s. If you burn your neighborhood house then definitely the fire will be coming to your house.

  12. I am also an Alig and feeling great proud of these 3 hero
    May our institution live long and blessed with more successes this journey from Aligarh to Moon is appreciating and amazing šŸ‘

  13. Many congratulations for successful landing of Chandrayan 3. You made us proud!
    God bless you and you make us , the AMU, more proud!!

  14. Mohsin Raza
    Assalam o alaikum
    Are we not in hurry in congratulating ourselves with 3 names of alumni who played a role in triamphant Chandrayan mission .
    Remember two years ago a news was so viral with hundreds of congratulating messages.
    The news was that khushbu Mirza is appointed director of ISRO.
    She works in an organization which is highly sensitive.It may have harmed her.However ,she had to write herself a denial .
    She became a celebrity at AMU because the honorable president of India in his address of convocation mentioned her name as one of prominent aligarh products.
    We are so much emotionally attached to our Almamater that we quickly celebrate any good news about AMU.
    I remember 1967,when Muslims lost AZIZ PASHA CASE where AMU minority character was abrogated.
    It was a hammer blow for AMU.The case still remains a quote against minority character .
    Some students of Aftab Hostel heard all India radio news and inferred that Muslims have won the case..The celebrated,lighted candles on the 1st floor railings.
    I with my friends knew that the judgement was against us,we immediately acted and threw away candles.
    There was only one news source,The All India radio,no tape recorders,no internet no there was no source to convince the boys who lighted candles.
    They were initially angry as to why we removed candles,but our seniority and our trust convinced them.
    Yet they waited till next morning to see news papers
    This spirit is a great binding force between alumni.
    I will post my presentation again describing the factors behind Aligarh
    I forwarded a news clip of Hindi news paper yesterday which mentions only one name .
    Please correct if I am wrong
    I just now recieved a clip of TOI from AMU PRO Omar Pirzada.The TOI writes Agra edition that AMU is celebrating the accomplishment of two alumni Prayanshu kumar and sonali jain who played vital role in ISRO’s triamphant mission chandrayan 3

  15. Thanks Shaheer Bhai, we are proud of all the associates of ISRO especially the Aligarh and Jamia alumni. We are fortunate to witness this historical moment.

    Jai Hind

  16. AMUā€™s contribution to the national achievement of landing on the moon is precious and deserves to be well congratulated. Aligs! be proud of AMU.


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