International experts warn on impending danger of ‘genocide’ of Indian Muslims


By Muslim Mirror network

Washington DC:  At a panel discussion, international experts on genocidal violence warned on Tuesday the impending danger of ‘genocide’ of India’s 200 Million Muslims under the watch of present Indian regime.  They alerted   the international community to wake up to this lurking danger as unfolding situation in India is grim.

The panel discussion on “Ten Stages of Genocide and India’s Muslims,” expressed an urgent need to not only’ indict and sanction’ the Indian government, but to also expose it in the international community to prevent crimes against humanity. The discussion was organized by the Indian American Muslim Council.

In his opening remarks, Dr. Gregory Stanton said, “Preparation for genocide is definitely under way in India.” He explained, “The persecution of Muslims in Assam and Kashmir is the stage just before genocide. The next stage is extermination—that’s what we call genocide.”

Dr Stanton is the founder-president of Genocide Watch, an organization that works to predict, prevent and stop genocide and other forms of mass murder in the world. He also served in the U.S. State Department in the 1990s when he drafted the UN Security Council resolutions that created the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda.

He stated that the “systematic crimes against humanity is already underway” in India. He mentioned the demolition of Babri mosque and building of a temple as “important in the development of cultural underpinnings for genocide.”

Reacting to the fact that Delhi Police arrested hundreds of Muslims in Delhi riot cases and accused them of violence against themselves, Dr. Stanton termed it “denial,” the last stage in genocide. “Denial is the tenth stage of every genocide.  It starts actually at the beginning and goes all the way through to the end and afterwards…That’s what is going on when they are charging Muslims with, would you believe it!, killing themselves? I don’t believe it! And I don’t think anybody should believe it,” Dr. Stanton said.

Teesta Setalvad, a well-known human rights defender in India mentioned that violence against Muslims worsens their socio-economic conditions and enables genocidal targeting. “Lack of social and economic opportunities, constant fear and insecurity among the Indian Muslims which is generated through this abrasive exclusionary tactic of hate speech and othering, is something that could possibly fit in to the possible build-up of the genocidal situation,” said Ms. Setalvad who did years of pioneering work in exposing and bringing to justice the perpetrators of anti-Muslim violence in Gujarat.

Dr. Qasim Rasool Ilyas, a veteran Muslim political activist, and the father of Dr. Umar Khalid, a globally recognized human rights defender who has been falsely accused of inciting violence and arrested just weeks ago, mentioned that Muslims of Uttar Pradesh are among the worst affected by the persecution and killings.

He summed it up, “The chief Minister Mr. Yogi Aditya Nath is a known enemy of Muslims, is the main architect of systematic targeting of the Muslim community through encounter killing to illegal arrests and falsely framing. Many Muslims were subjected to Mob lynching on the false accusations of trading and consuming beef and in many cases the victims succumbed to the torture while Police remained a mute spectator.

Dr. Ilyas concluded his remarks with a question. “Can a country which claims to be the largest democracy, force its 14% of the population into suppression and submission and deny them their human and constitutional rights without inviting the wrath of the international community?”

Among others who talked about India exhibiting various stages of genocide include Ritumbra Manuvie, the Executive Director of The London Story, a nonprofit foundation that works on hate speech and hate crimes. As a Commonwealth Scholar at the University of Edinburgh, Dr. Manuvie conducted research on the construction of citizenship in Assam, the Indian state where Mr. Modi’s government has controversially designated two million residents as foreigners following a dubious process called the National Register for Citizens.

Rasheed Ahmed, Executive Director of Indian American Muslim Council sharply criticized the silence of the United State government about the February 2020 anti-Muslim pogrom in Delhi not far from where President Trump held a press conference.

Tina Ramirez, a Human Rights expert, who has travelled to India and knows all too well the deepening challenges to religious freedoms in India effectively moderated the panel discussion.


  1. All this will not make any difference whatsoever. Its time the Muslims wake up and smell the coffee. Need to educate empower and become financially stable. Maulanas and clerics are least interested in doing that and should be effectively made outcasts. The international community can’t prevent anything. The culprits will instead win elections with more votes. EDUCATE! EDUCATE! Pick up a pen and write own’s destiny. Don’t pick up weapons! That’s exactly what they want! They will want everything to look like a reaction. Become financially stable! Tough times ahead. But nobody will be able to touch you as long as you have money. Nobody can touch the rich. Only the poor and marginalised are always quashed.

    • It’s very easy to sit outside India and comment on the present situation…..what will you do if your kids are denied admission in good schools and colleges, your business is socially boycotted etc

    • Gujrat Muslims were the richest ones in all of India where the pogrom happened in 2002.
      Delhi Muslims are the most politically aware resilient (shaheen nagar dharna against NRC was longest) when more than 50 were massacred in cold blood recently.
      Aligargh Muslim University Campus riots from external elements(killing of Najeeb Ahmed) are the most educated and socially active in all of India.
      Now Kashmiris are stripped off their homelands and cultural heritage.
      Mullas are your best bet but even they exhort to pray 5 times a day ,earn lawful income and abstain from obscenities.

      What is wrong when the international community perseveres to uphold Satya Meva Jayete?

      Next all countries should financially boycott Indian products(esp.beef for which innumerable human lynchings occured under rightwing BJP),sever relations from Hindutva supporters ,most importantly ,enlighten common masses all over the world about this terrorist group Hindutva.

      This Diwali we should vow to spread the light of truth and wisdom that will quash out the darkness of hate and division.

    • The jews in Germany were the richest people in the country. What a stupid suggestion to become rich, for safety and protection. Turn to Allah. As Allah protected the sahaba in Badr, the same Allah can protect us now. Turn to Allah.

        • Every Soul Shall Taste Death : Holy Quran Chapter 3 Verse 185 and Time for Kafirs to understand Islam and stop worshipping Lifeless Idols.And always remember how our Prophet Mohammed pbuh conqured Entire Arab Penisula with his peachings and ofcourse the system of Self Defence against Kafirs and win the War against the enemies of Islam. Knowledge is important and lets first clarify this Dirty Smericam Author that The Population of India is 45 Crores more than Hindu Population Islam is a religion of Peace and History proofed that Muslims are the Wariors and they Presently Rule 75 Muslim Countries including India.
          America should bother about their genocide with Blacks now.

      • جاسق الله خير

        Well said sir, turn your face towards almighty Allah is the only way to protect us and other innocents, that was taught by our beloveved prophet muhammed (pbuh)

      • Whats happening in syria, Iraq, yemen , what happened in 2002 in Gujrat, where every body is looking towards Allah, Muslims must become practical to face any eventualities, shun the Shia sunni differen es, boycot saudi , uae, who are only commercial animals, discourge and boycot posh marriages, frequency of umaraha holidaying , invest that on health and rescue people from debts and poverty, give importance to welfare of Muslims by deferring going to haj and umrahas , creat micro finances to help small small and.poor muslim traders, develop waqf properties , generate income to support free hospitals, , build toilets in Muslims slum area in place of luxury mosques,
        Maken voting a farz and changeling to vote to secular parties, discourge pity leaders who divide Muslim.votes , and stall coming secular govts , Bihar is an example,….diccourge extreme elements in Muslims who bring enmity in among other communities, there is one example of an Hyderabad leader who uttered non sense ,
        Let’s appear pleasantly to others , ….

      • You said the truth!
        “Sufficient for us is Allah, and [He is] the best Disposer of affairs.”
        Arabic: ‏‏حسبنا الله ونعم الوكيل
        Transliteration: Hasbunallah wa ni’mal-Wakil

        According to hadith in Sahih Bukhari it shows that this dua was sufficent for Prophet Ibrahim (may peace be upon him). It was narrated by Ibn ‘Abbas who said:

        When (Prophet) Ibrahim (Abraham) was thrown into the fire, he said: “Allah (Alone) is sufficient for us, and, He is the Best Disposer of affairs.” So did Messenger of Allah Muhammad (ﷺ) when he was told: “A great army of the pagans had gathered against him, so fear them”. But this (warning) only increased him and the Muslims in Faith and they said: “Allah (Alone) is sufficient for us, and He is the Best Disposer of affairs (for us)”. [Al-Bukhari].


        Any Muslim understands that Allah is the Bestower of Mercy. He alone can remove any harm or any affliction that may burden you. Simply by the act of reciting Hasbunallahu Wa Nimal Wakeel can move you toward getting the help you need.

        This can be said at any time, without cause. By knowing the meaning of the zikir (Sufficient for us is Allah, and [He is] the best Disposer of affairs) you can understand why it can be said at anytime.

        You are simply putting declaring full trust in Allah and leaving matters to him. Sufficient is Allah, whatever he decrees we should be happy. Understand sometimes Allah may have better different plans for us, one that may be completely different from what we conjured up in our heads.

        Submitting to the will of Allah and leaving your affairs to Him is like lifting a heavy load off your shoulders. It is a spiritual healing touch in one’s life. In the Quran it says, “And whoever relies upon Allah, then He is sufficient for him.” (Qur’an, 65:3)

        It is an easy statement to remember, ‘Hasbunallahu wa ni’mal Wakeel’ inshallah it will give you great strength to overcome whatever you face. A push towards attaining our goals in this life and the after.

    • Seems you are far from ground reality and conveniently putting blame on clerics. No cleric has stopped Muslims from getting educated. In fact they encourage Muslims to get educated. Stop watching Al qaeda and isisi maulanas. Your ignorance is pitiful. My CV was thrown on my face by the HR of several reputed companies. My children are being discriminated at school for being Muslims, and my complaints are doused. Discard your blinkers and wake up guy! Closing eyes on rampant discrimination agains Muslims will not help. Are you willing to make at least one Muslim financially strong? I doubt. Were Pehlu khan, Tabrez, Akhlaq lynched because they were uneducated? What about Safoora Zargar, Umar Khalid? Are they not educated? I am sure you will certainly have some kind of evidence against all of them to justify their killing or harassment. Anyway, there’s no point in further discussion with people like you who put the entire blame on Muslims and let the perpetratora go free on the incorrect pretext that ruthless Mughals ruled India and now its time for payback!

  2. Hitler vanished, so these murderers regime will be vanished.
    Humanity will prevail which is the nature phenomenon. Be assured.
    Dr Indira Tiwari
    Secretary General Hindu Mahasabha
    Author and Founder Trustee Indira-Trust

    • Hitler (?) did what he could do! History should be a lesson & not a weighbridge… The humanity and international community should be able to prevent the repetition of Germany, Rwanda, Bosnia and Myanmar…
      It is already very late _vis a vis_ India. The UN and related bodies should have taken the cognisance from 1992 (Babri), Gujarat pogrom (by the incumbent Indian ruling party).

      Humanity will prevail… to watch a number of similar pogroms in the name of culture, religion, race, heritage, language, skin colour, geographical entity and so on.

      May the Almighty protect the downtrodden and subjugated people in India and elsewhere.

    • Interesting profile and interesting comment,Mam!
      A doctor, an office bearer of Hindu Mahasabha and hoping for the end of ‘these Hitlers’!
      Can you please clarify your stant further, Mam? Because if you are not in favor of this violence, I believe you have the power to make it stop as well.

    • Dr Indira. To my mind the solution lies in sticking to the true teachings of religion, be it Islam or Hinduism. The teachings are very clear and it protects humanity and justice. Unfortunately there are people who are poorly equipped with the knowledge of their faith which results into crime and violence. The solution lies into going back to our scriptures and develop humane characteristics which unfortunately we have ignored altogether. Universe is nearing to climax and with unscrupulous people at helm of affairs the genocide is to come soon…….

  3. Really cant believe it, but indians have to be vigilant against the basic fabric of their pluristic society, which is being put in danger by the far right present indian govt led by Narender & Amit.
    India is a vast country wd multiple socio religious groups. Many states have non bjp govts. But a strong secula opposition should emerge to thwart any threat to the pluratic & tolerant indian society, which was the hall mark of freedom movement led by congress.
    However, the threat is real if the far right bjp govt is not dislodged.

  4. Request all not or predict Doom for Indian Muslims …

    1) Indian Muslims Population @ 18-19 % works out to 250 Million+ ( As on date Our Country India’s Population is 1380 Million).Every 5th Indian is a Muslim
    ( 14% is old data ..kindly discard that in future discourses.)
    2) Compare this Indian Muslim 250 Million to 330 Million entire USA population ( so 75% of US Population )

    3) Even in recent Bihar elections Bjp won 74 seats of 243 Total seats which workout to 30% of the total .. Actual voting % is 60% of the population so only 22-25% of actual population .

    4) So almost 70-75% % of the Indian population is not in favour of Ruling party …

    5) Most of the Indian HINDU BRETHERN Believers are very GOOD PEOPLE …. We Muslims have to reach them through our good behaviour ..

    Things Muslims can do
    A) Reduce volume of Mosque Loud speakers ( if possible don’t use Loud speakers for Fajr ( early Morning 5am prayer ) & evening iSHA ( Night Prayers 8 pm )
    B) Make Muslims English Medium Schools Inclusive ( Islamic or other religious teaching should be optional & that too on weekends )
    C) Specific Muslim Women NGO should be created / exiting one used to help create awareness between Muslim women in having 3-4 Years Gap for each child. This helps in Mothers to focus on development of each child in all aspects .
    D) Make Muslims write all govt exams … special focus to get a few in IIM’s ( Management ) after their graduation
    … many more are there … the list is long

    • Great sir .The fact that Islam entered India centuries ago and survived the worst.may be one or two incidents do happen.
      In last 6years they may shout in media etc but in ground reality Muslims are holding ground.
      There are so many non Muslim organisations persons who are fighting in media etc for cause of muslims.
      Whatever percentage has been mentioned of Muslims
      they are growing and will forge ahead
      Thanks all my non Muslim friend who are supporting us in this bad times.

      • When bad times are there, nothing will help. Considering the mond-set of the current government the possibility of a genocide is very real.

        And that is what the article is saying.

        • Muslims shouldn’t be disheartened under any situation, our beloved prophet Muhammad pbuh and sahab kiraam had faced many a times such situations and did what they could to defend their lives and honor against their enemies and left the reset to the will and mercy of Allah who is the best protector as said.
          33:9) Believers,, call to mind Allah’s favour to you when enemy hosts invaded you. Then We sent against them a wind and hosts that you did not see although19 Allah was observing all that you were then doing.

          18. In( Ayats 9-27), an appraisal has been made of the battle of the Trench and the raid against the Bani Quraizah. These were revealed at the end of the raid. One should keep the details of these events in view as given in the introduction above.

          19. The windstorm did not lash the enemy forces immediately on their arrival but it occurred while the siege of Al-Madinah had lasted about a month. “Armies whom you did not see” implies the hidden powers which operate in the affairs of men under Allah’s command and of which men are totally unaware. Man regards the occurrence of events and incidents as resulting from apparent causes and does not take into account the hidden forces at work, whereas in most cases these very hidden forces play the decisive role. As these forces function under the command of Allah’s angels, the “armies” may imply the angels as well though there is no indication here of sending the armies of the angels.
          (33:10) When they came upon you from above you and from below you,when your eyes were stupefied with horror and your hearts leapt to your throats, and

  5. The perceived threat is real and impending. No doubt there is fear psychosis among the community which is reluctant to acknowledge it but silently hoping for the better sense to prevail. In the majority community the hate mongers is a minority but unfortunately their influence is strong and wide. There is no magic wand to avoid this threat. Whole community has to change. The negative image will not fade away easily. The sword will continue to dangle till the majority feels that a real muslim is not a threat but a co-citizen. The change has to start from self. Till then it should learn not to react tit for tat. Muslim community should utilize every gap to create awareness among from the grass root level to improve educationally and economically

  6. Yes. The impending danger is very serious. But
    People like Owaisu are more concerned
    About establishing themselves as
    community leaders and securing
    more seats for their party rather than
    protecting the poor Muslims
    from the atrocities of bjp. What
    they are going to achieve by winning
    some seats in assemblies and
    lol sabha. after the genocide?
    Allah only knows.

  7. I wonder how many who comment here have actually lived in an oprresed situation? Also do Muslim majority also provide human rights to other minorities in their countries? Or this only comes out when it’s effects Muslims?

  8. We need to get our shit together before we are thrown out of our homes, After all they want to get even on is for our 1000 years rule over them

  9. All the comments made above make very strong sense of possible expectations , except one omission which to ge honest , does not make sense anywhere close to it
    Seems the only fact missing is Almighty God – who alone and invariably does what he wants to do. He is the Master of both haters abd the hated both – and loves both equally
    He has created this creation for a limited time and ends it with His promise to all the Mankind that he will reward only those who are obedient and he has promised the rest with definite punishment, some never ending and some with a time limit.
    That is what will happen in India or anywhere, wherever

    He is The only one who is an Almighty

  10. More people should take Government jobs & be active in public programs, we need to be an example to others through our good works like installing drinking water dispenser at public places, planting trees & many other activities helpful to the whole society.
    Avoid hatred & love one & all.

  11. Who knows it is Allah’s plan to punish Muslims in India because of of our doings. .
    1.We are divided into so many jamaats against the teachings of Islam.
    2. How many Muslims pray 5 times a day.
    3. Muslim have dirty habits.
    4. Muslims are very lazy.
    5. Muslims resort to all biddat practice.
    6. The rich and educated Muslims who can guide and reform the society are least bothered bothered.
    7. The Muslims are busy in opening lots of Madrasas to give religious education and least bothered about worldly education
    8. Muslins still believe that they are NAWABS and spend lots of money on all kinds of functions many time spending more than their income and resources and also borrowing money on loans.
    9. There is no good leader who can unite all Muslims and
    give them the right direction.
    I can go on listing many vices of Muslims but it is of no use.
    I at the age of 80 years fell helpless for the condition of my brothers in Islam in India and pray to allah to help us face the dangers we will be facing in future. Also I am sure that it will not be an eady task for any party or government to erase 20 crore Muslims from the face of this country, India which we love deeply and sincerely. OH ALLAH US AGAINST ALL OUR ENEMIES. AAMEEN

  12. As Maya did to Dalits, Owaisi is doing to Muslims. He is more interested in enlarging his empire than protecting Muslims. Muslims must take a call, instead of dividing their votes they must consolidate. The economic situation of Muslims is very bad, they are pulled more towards religious beliefs than improving the standard of living. Poor uneducated Muslims are the targets everywhere. The fundamentalists want to destroy their livelihood as they did with beef ban and make Muslims weak financially. This is a wake up call for every Indian to support their own countrymen irrespective of caste creed and religious beliefs

  13. I have advocated the creation of a persistent and effective Muslim lobby in Washington DC for over 30 years to expose many atrocities against Muslims worldwide, to no avail, and that would include Muslims in India and the ongoing barbarity and war crimes against Muslims and Christian Palestinians to no avail. Muslims have no one to blame but ourselves. We are our own worst enemies and we are the world’s biggest losers. We are voiceless in America and our only presence is physical and not politically challenging,

  14. Let the Muslims be true Muslims through their words and actions and be the true representatives of their beloved Messenger, they will find defineltly their supporters even among their opponents for their Cause and Mission for which this Ummah has been created by the Almighty.
    فضائیہے بدر پیدا کر فرشتے تیری نصرت کو
    اتر سکتے ہیں گردوں سے قطار اندر قطار اب بھی

  15. When bad times are there, nothing will help. Considering the mond-set of the current government the possibility of a genocide is very real.

    And that is what the article is saying.

  16. Dear all,

    The Solution is Here walk more than a Crore to Supreme Court to enforce ban on Voting Machine

    If still Supreme Court doesn’t support then as Islam said to Raise the Voice Against Injustice and harmful act and Cruelty we should raise the voice

    Don’t think about business , property bla and bla , if you didn’t raise today then you are a slave forever

    Tawakal on Allah Rabbul izzat
    Respect every one but Don’t afraid of other Allah is enough


  18. Muslims all over the world should unite and turn towards Allah and to obey his commands in the foot steps of Muhammad sallallahu alaihi wasallam…..
    By the by Muslims must awake From their deep sleep must understand the current situation and try to take precautionary steps which is also in sunnah…. And my last opinion is they must unite under one leadership without any discriminations…

  19. I think we Muslims should stop killing our fellow Muslims in the name of Caste and unlawful jehad.

    Intead we should first get united worldwide in our thoughts irrespective of the religious belief we follow.

    Look at Arab world, they are fighting with each other instead of propagating religious brotherhood.

    Today we Muslims are treated like Terrorist anywhere in the world.

    Because of such divide it gives all other advantage.

    The fact is more Moslems & Mosque are demolished by Moslems only worldwide than what has been done by others.

    It is time for introspection and unity among all Ummah. Rest will fall in place, automatically whatever has been suggestd as remedies in all of the comments for this article.

    Thanks for reading

  20. The threat is real and the warning reveals the ground to earth reality of present Indian politics. In India,3 percent Brahman ‘Casteist’ under the cover of RSS and Hindutva are masterminding the whole politics of hatred. They are sworn enemies of Social Justice. Casteism is there real religion which they address as ‘Varnashram Dhrma’ or ‘Caste ReligionTheir real target is Dalit-OBCs who constitute almost 70 percent of the total population and who are clamouring for Social and Economic Justice which was piously promised in the Preamble of the present Constitution of India more than 70 years back. The Mandal Commission which proposed to do some justice to these victims of the system called ‘caste religion’ of which Brahaman claim to be the devine leaders. Now this problem of ‘Justice’ to the OBCs again came on the front after the submission of Mandal Commission report in 80s. With this report the expectations and restlessness of the Dalits of India showed signs of sudden rise in their awareness.Both Congress and BJP which are dominated by Brahaman Caste came together in opposing Mandal commision. Now the issue was to be diverted from Caste to Communalism. Babri Masjid came as a ready made handle to Brahamans led by RSS.The opposition to Mandal which started with the Gandhiji’s state of Gujrat in 80s soon took the form of attacks on Christians and Muslims; and than full scale Hindu-Muslim repeated riots, organised by VHP and RSS. In the mean time Babri Masjid issue was inaugarated by Congress, the then ruling party at the Centre with the active connivance of RSS, VHP, BJP and its frontal organisations.
    The problem clearly, therefore, was of Social-Justice to the victims of Hindutva i.e. SC-ST-OBCs, but the target now was Muslims and the Babri Masjid.The Brahaman answer to the issue of Social Justice now was Hindu-Muslim Riots.
    Therefore, we have every reason to agree with the views of our international experts in the present report. The threat to Indian democracy and the Constitution from the Hindutva fascist forces very real.
    Now the vital question that arises is : What is to be done under the present circumstances when these 3 percent Cadre based fascist forces have managed to capture power and infiltrated deeply in all the entire govt. machinery ?
    The answer is very clear. If we are really conscious of the dangers of Hindu Fascism, we should earnestly diagnose the desease and
    immediately take up the task of :
    (I) Co-ordinating all the victims of the Religious Caste System or Varnashram-Dharm i.e. SC/ST, OBCs and Minorities;
    (II) Work for the Unity of all co-sufferers,
    (iii) create a cadre of trained and well informed activists to start work on Educational, Media and Cultural fronts to create right awareness among the victims in particular. Needless to say, there is no short-cut to deal with the menace of Hindu Fascism. The problem is urgent.


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