Narsinghanand granted bail in Haridwar hate speech case

Yati Narsinghanand Saraswati

By Muslim Mirror Staff

Islamophobic Hindutva leader Yati Narsinghanand was granted bail on Monday by a local court in a case registered in connection with a ‘dharm sansand’ event held in Uttar Pradesh’s Haridwar district, in which calls for the genocide of Muslims were given.


Judge Bharat Bhushan Pandey took into account the fact that as far as the criminal history of the accused is concerned, he has not been convicted in any of them so far.

The court noted that the FIR was registered on the complaint made by the informant (Gulbahar Khan) who was himself not present at the event, and the FIR didn’t contain the name of the accused person. Further, the court also said that the complaint was made on the basis of the video of the event, which was available on Facebook.

“Bail is a rule and jail is an exception,” the court observed.

Earlier, his bail application was rejected by the Court of Chief Judicial Magistrate while noting that the case of the prosecution was that the speech delivered by Narsinghanand had the potential of spreading communal violence. After that, he approached the sessions court and got the bail.

Narsinghanand’s companion Jitender Singh Tyagi was arrested in the case. He has not been given bail by the court so far.

Both of them are known for spewing venom against Muslims and Islam. They keep making insulting remarks against Prophet Muhammad and other personalities associated with the Islamic faith.


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