Goa govt is ‘Khoob Khaunga Aur Khoob Khane Doonga’ Model : Satyapal Malik

Satyapal Malik

By Abdul Bari Masoud

New Delhi: Meghalaya governor Satyapal Malik’s revelation about corruption in BJP-ruled Goa has provided fresh ammunition to opposition to make full broadside against Prime Minister Modi on corruption issue. Describing corruption in Goa as “Khoob Khaunga Aur Khoob Khane Doonga Model”, Congress demanded the dismissal of entire government.

In a TV interview Malik had made a shocking revelation that, on the day when lockdown was announced, the Goa government had not allowed the stores selling Basic Essentials to OPEN but allowed one company to sale Basic Essentials door to door which had given money to Goa Government.

“When people from Congress told me about it, I informed PM Modiji but instead of removing a Corrupt BJP Government he had transferred me”. Malik was governor of Jammu and Kashmir and Goa from Oct 2019 to August 2020 before shifted to Meghalaya.

Latching on the revelation, Congress general secretary Randeep Singh Surjewala said Malik has accepted what Congress Party is telling ie “Corruption in everything Goa Government was handling”.

“Malik had further conveyed that he had informed about the same to PM Modi Ji, but no action was initiated. Instead, he was transferred from Goa to Meghalaya”.

He said He  said when Malik i had informed PM about the corruption in Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) he was transferred from J&K to Goa; when he informed about the corruption in Goa, he was transferred from Goa to Meghalaya.

Corruption during the Corona pandemic in the selling basic essentials in Goa is a true example of ‘Opportunity in Crisis” (AAPDA MAIN AWASAR), he said.

Taking a dig at double engine growth slogan, Surjewala said double engine for Modi and Goa government means – ‘Double Engine of Corruption’.

In the interview, Governor Malik had further alleged that Goa government had allowed Mining Trucks to illegally operate during the Corona Pandemic, which turns out to be a “SPREADER of CORONA” in Goa. Till date, 177,915 people got infected by Corona Virus, and 3,358 people died in Goa.

Is these corrupt decisions and illegal help to Mining Mafias is the reason for this abnormal number?

Surjewala said Congress demands immediately dismissal the CM and entire Council of Ministers of Goa Government who are “directly/indirectly involved” in such massive corruption and that too in the middle of Pandemic?

ED, CBI, SFIO and other agencies should be directed to file a case against the Goa CM and all others involved in the corruption, he added.

PM should come out and answer why no action was initiated against the Goa CM when Governor had informed him about the rampant corruption by his government, Congress leader said.


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